Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thomas Kemp's Latest Creates Image of Jewelko...

Jewelko is one of the characters in Thomas Kemp's Novel. This poem reminded me of that character and the wonderful exchange between Jewelko and the young soldier who became her lover... Some other poems of those beautifully written exchanges are included in Your Poet Is...

Your Poet IS: Poetry and You
She spoke my name twice, Thomas Thomas.
And then added, please by all means
do come closer.

I was stretching as far as I could
while still trying to hold my balance.
echoing she said again
please by all means...come closer Thomas please.

It was then with those words I fell so far.

Expressions were the law
If you saw the soft face of love
Holding on to it was so necessary
To be sure the sound need not be uttered

Your hands were tight around the dream.

Thomas kemp/poet

The Road From Here To Where You Stay

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