Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pick Up the Girl...But Get Lots of Sleep...The James Bond Life???

The Best Way to Pick
Up a Girl...

By Paul Kyriazi

This techique has been used by many men and women that I've advised, usually to great success. If not, they got it over with and moved on to someone else. You see her across the room. Ah, so attractive. But nobody to introduce her to you. 'Ah, I'll do a James Bond on her,' you think. Now what was Bond's first words to Pussy Galore? 'I must be dreaming.' No, that won't work.

How about singing 'Underneath the Mango Tree' to her as Bond did to Honey Rider in 'Dr. No'? .... Ah?..... No!

Well, what's left? You'll just have to go up and talk to her, if it's a situation where you won't see her again. But it's always safe to assume that she has a boyfriend that can squeeze the stuffings out of a golf ball like Oddjob did in 'Goldfinger'.

That aside, take a chance and make polite conversation. What's the worst that can happen? She says, 'I'm sorry, I'm not available.' and you save the time and money of a date with her. Like George Burns says, 'When a beautiful woman says 'no' to me, it's a relief.

If you know that you will see her again, like at your university, your job, or working at a restaurant, you can have another shot at her and use the shy man's approach to getting a date.

'You farm boys don't make a pitch, you just shy your way into position,' Ann Margaret says to Pat Boone in 'State Fair'.

Okay, here it is: Instead of asking her to dinner or out on a date which has romance intended, get some tickets to a concert or event first, and then with tickets in hand say, 'I just happened to have tickets to this event. If you'd like to go with me, I'd be happy to take you.' This way the subject is the event.

Talk about the person singing at the concert, instead of if the two of you will hit it off or not. She can easily say yes or no, or ask more questions about you or the time and place of the event. She doesn't have the pressure of turning you down, so she can just turn the event down and that will be that. And if by chance she can't make that date, but is interested in you, she can start talking about going out another time.

I've strongly suggested this 'ticket' technique to both men and women who are infatuated with someone at work, or at shop, or restaurant, and have no idea how to make an approach. If the person is available, they usually say yes to an invitation. After all, it's just going to an event. It's not really a date.

So don't 'ask her out'. Don't 'take her to dinner'. Get some tickets, and maybe she'll answer you like Cameron Diaz does in 'Charlie's Angels'.

Tickets? I LOVE tickets."

A Tip From the World's Greatest Playboy
Did you see The Adventurers based on the Harold Robbins novel? The lead character, Dax Xenos, was based on real life European playboy Porfirio Rubirosa.

Sammy Davis Jr. once asked him, "How do you do it? Attend every party, play polo, date women, go yachting, day after day, yet you always look good and never tired?"

"What I do Sammy, is pace myself. I never go to a party too early or stay too late. I drink only a little and watch what I eat. And even if I'm entertaining a woman, I always get my sleep."

This is great advice for anyone wanting to live the James Bond Lifestyle. On films I've directed, the amateurs party every night and are zombies by the second week. The professionals are fresh, energetic, and prepared everyday. Why? They pace themselves. They sleep.

When Clint Eastwood started preparing to direct his first movie, Play Misty for Me, he asked vetren director Don Dirty Harry Seigal for advice.

Seigal gave him only, "Get a lot of sleep."

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