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Review: Trouble on the Job Sometimes Leads to a Horror Novel!

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Final Price

By J. Gregory Smith

Sometimes frustration becomes all-consuming. Each little thing builds the level higher and higher, until something has to snap. Sometimes it leads to people screaming, an argument. But if you're on the job and you must continue to be smiling and totally supportive of "the customer," it becomes too late--only one thing will relieve your tension...

Final PriceShamus was a car salesman for Honda at Patriot Motors. He worked among a group of salesman who took turns as the customers came to look at cars.

Now I have to say a little in defense of customers--we all know that we are supposed to negotiate on the price--most of us hate that activity because we never know, we never believe that the deal is a "good one," otherwise, why is the salesman willing to make it!?

Shamus had a run of such customers. They weren't bad people; they just wanted to make the best deal possible, given the process... Well, you guessed it, the frustration had already built--Shamus Ryan was beyond being able to let his frustration go.

But he had found a way to work off his frustration. It worked just fine for him in fact! And you, the reader, gets to see every single time he works off that frustration...

Of course, many people were affected by Shamus' actions. There was a neighboring car dealership that was having lots of sales--somehow they would succeed in taking just a few more dollars off of the lowest price quoted by Patriot Motors and made their sales.

But the proud new owners didn't get much of a chance to drive those cars...

J. Gregory Smith describes his book as "more of a 'how-they-gonna-catch-em?'" Readers are able to see exactly what is happening. He suggests that we might even want to root for the villain sometimes... Hmmm, not!

Most of the book centers on Paul Chang, the primary officer in charge of the murders...What, you just knew Shamus was murdering the people on his client list...right? If a horror book can also be funny, this one was in a weird sort of way. It was well written and should be great for those who enjoy slasher stories...I don't know, maybe it was just too realistic for me...but if you ever feel frustrated at this book to relieve that frustration!

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