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Review: Rachel Vincent Brings Back Mythology Characters For YA Thriller!

Irish Mythology BansheeImage via WikipediaMy Soul to Take

By Rachel Vincent

When you read a young adult book where young girls are interested in the attentions of the most popular boys, talking about the last high school game, or taking part in your favorite school group like dance, you begin to remember or appreciate those times spent in school. Rarely, however, do events happen like they do in the weirdly wonderful My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent!

Take for instance when Kaylee and Emma were standing, cold and worried, that Emma's older sister had forgotten she was supposed to sneak them into the club where she worked--and for which they were too young to be admitted...

It never entered their minds that one of the beautiful young girls there that night would fall...dead...

Especially when Emma was off dancing and Kaylee was in a daze since Nash Hudson had just called to her and started talking, and she was trying to maintain some semblance of "cool" because she hadn't even realized that he knew her name!

My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1)But then it happened...Kaylee saw the girl, and realized she was shrouded in gray. The question was now only, "When would she die?"

But Kaylee couldn't say anything because she was trying to keep herself from screaming. She wanted to say something to the girl, try to get to her and possibly save her...but she couldn't move, could only try to keep her mouth closed and prevent everybody from once again thinking she was crazy...

Nash started talking to her and Emma rushed to her, mentioning to those watching, that she was having a panic attack and the two of them got her outside...but, inside, in the meantime, Heidi Anderson, aged 19, was found on the restroom floor at the club...

Emma had started calling what happened to Kaylee panic attacks so they could help others understand. Kaylee never wanted to go back to the psychiatric hospital where her aunt and uncle had placed her one time when she had allowed her screams to escape. Since then, she had done as much as possible to prevent this happening, even though neither she nor her psychiatrist could explain it.

But Nash could. In fact, Kaylee had been afraid that Nash wouldn't ever want to talk to her again, but he kept coming back and soon they were seen as a couple. And he was the one that finally told her...

Two more deaths of young girls had occurred, the last one a member of the dance club in which her cousin danced. Kaylee had been around two of those girls and knew they were going to die. Now she, with Nash's help were searching for some way that her knowing could help prevent future deaths!

Rachel Vincent has given a whole new face to our mythology characters of the past and has created an exciting tale of wonder for young adults (and mystery/suspense fans of all ages) This book is first in a series, so if you like a little spookiness along with a great whodunit, of the supernatural My Soul To Take and prepare to enjoy!

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