Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vanity Press or Self-Publish? Paul Kyriazi Shares More...

Don't wait to get your book out.

A lot of people confuse 'vanity press' with self publishing. Vanity press is where you pay them to print up your book and they put it on amazon and send out some copies to reviewers. And that's okay, depending on the price.

Self publishing means exactly that. Remember publishing houses use separate printers just like you will be doing. And try to market it just like you will. They have the big connections and money to promote so if you get a book deal, great. But it's 95% they won't read your manuscript, or make you re-write it and then still say no.

I could give you many examples of some semi-famous people, such as Paul Peterson ( the Donno Reed Show) who I talked with, who's book is out of print from his publisher, yet cannot get his book rights back from them. No books, can't make more. Publisher won't make more. Publisher won't return rights.

I have a acquaintance that only wants his book to be published by a 'real publisher'. So he paid thousands of dollars in reading fees over the years with no takers. He hates self publishers, but he will leave the planet without the fun of seeing his book come running out of the presses. And I recommend you are in the print room when it happens. What a sight.

I want everyone to have at least one tangible product that sums them up. To give out to new friends and loved ones. So the next time you're in a bookstore and see those big texts between two beautiful hardbound covers with great graphics, you'll think, "Hey, I did one, too."

And start designing the cover while you're writing it. That keeps you excited. I love my 'Rock Star Rising' design that I did myself, with the help of a PC designer. I drew it out in stick figure, found the photos, and worked with him to get what I wanted in an hour. No wasting time with him making 10 test covers for $1,000 that you don't like.

You can view my audio-novels with the 21 movie stars, in a 3 minute photo show at www.myspace.com/paulkyriazi

It starts automatically, just scroll down a tad to see the whole screen.

Be very sure to read my article 'Searching for a Publisher'. (Ran yesterday here at BRH)

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