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Review: Deuces Are Wild - Final Book in Song Trilogy

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By Jan Bornstein

Into Music and its celebrity? Then you just might want to read Deuces Are Wild by Jan Bornstein. This book is the final in a trilogy, but stands alone to bring readers into the music world surrounding the rock star Jenna Bradford Tenny and her also-famous husband, Scott Tenny.

Once there you will see the very real scheduling and time constraints placed on those who are constantly moving from one place to another to sing on stage in front of thousands of people. When Jenna and Scott had their child, Zachary Matthew, although they loved him dearly, time problems became even worse. Fortunately they found Ellen as a nanny to provide basic stability while the parents traded times with Zach as they traveled.

But then Scott noticed that a very old girlfriend was always at his concerts and she began to hunt him down, trying to stir up their earlier brief affair.

And Jenna started pressing to have another child, which was not easy since she had physical problems that must be considered.

Soon Scott was working under a lot of pressure and was short tempered and giving everybody a hard time. His band members were trying to be very supportive, but they, too, were wearing down under the pressure.

Living the life that comes with celebrity finds the couple traveling all over the world, but not necessarily together. So when trying to come together intimately for hopefully another child, the pressure on Scott continues... Until one night his old girlfriend was there waiting...

Soon she and another boyhood acquaintance decide that Scott should pay them to keep that night secret! But the blackmail demands become greater and more deadly! And soon Jenna must know about everything!

The action and pressures placed on music artists becomes more real than you can imagine as this high-profile family must be guarded and relocated in order to be safe, time after time. But through all that readers can watch the performances, imagine the crowds and go out on the stages with the bands as they perform. Do you want to move into this life? Jan Bornstein takes you into a reality that you can either love or hate...then you decide!

Myself, I'd rather read about it!

Book provided via
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ISBN: 131934582091
311 Pages

G. A. Bixler

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