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Review: W. C. Peever's Young Adult Fantasy's A Winner!

Merlin, from the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493)Image via Wikipedia The Jumper Chronicles:
for Merlin's Map

By W. C. Peever

Savant Books
ISBN: 9780984117550
285 Pages

For those who loved Harry Potter, you will find many similarities to the new series The Jumper Chronicles by W. C. Peever, with the Quest for Merlin's Map, as the first book. Once Merlin is introduced however you will find that the theme takes children back to the mythology when Odin was king of the gods and Merlin was alive and well. Once I shook off the familiarity of earlier books and sunk into this new story, I enjoyed this fascinating tale for children and young adults.

The Jumper Chronicles: The Quest for Merlin's Map
Now I must say that the front cover was the first draw for reading the book. Then I found that the cover was selected through a contest, which I thought was way cool, and that the cover was created by Kelly Amancio, from Massachusetts, who is working to become a digital artist, with this book cover representing her first step! What an exciting future this young lady is sure to have! Congratulations to Kelly Amancio are certainly in order!

When Charlie Burrows was just two years old, his father disappeared. It was the baby's cry, however, that woke his mother--not the noise of the struggle right outside. Daniel saw his wife briefly, right before he jumped...

Ten years later, Lord Henry Grayson came to visit! Lord Grayson had for the first time explained to Charlie's mother and her friend, who was Bailey's mother, what had happened to their fathers. Bailey was Charlie's best friend. Stating that both Charlie and Bailey's fathers were members of the British Secret Service, he explained that they had been killed in the line of duty.

But Lord Grayson was visiting for a much bigger issue! He wanted to take both Charlie and Bailey back to England to be protected and to educate them...claiming that it was their fathers' parting wish that they attend the same preparatory school that they had enjoyed.

Bailey was extremely upset at learning that her father was definitely dead and she was not the least interested in going to England. Of course, Charlie supported Bailey. However, Lord Grayson took care of things...

And they awoke at Thornfield Scotland...

They had arrived by QILT--Quick Instant Light Traveling!

It was quickly pointed out that there was lots of "magic" surrounding their lives. It was also just a school and they soon began to make friends and soon Mick was the third in their trio... And, oh yes, those who went to this school could also go on to become the guardians of humanity...

In fact, all of the children who were at the school had certain magical abilities. Part of the reason for being there was to learn what that ability was and how it would be used.

But the biggest thing Charlie learned was that his father had been a very powerful man and, that he might very well still be alive--just in another dimension! All that was required to find him was something that the greatest magician Merlin had once hidden!

Of course, there is always those who are seeking the power that comes with magic and Charlie and his friends are quickly tempted to join with them...will they or will they go on their own quest to find Merlin's Map?

Merlin has existed since the 15th century and has recently once again become popular via television. The Jumper Chronicles, beginning with the Quest for Merlin's Map includes historical mythological that shows why this character has always been so popular. This was a fun read for me and is exciting enough to pull young readers into the story, while learning a little history...highly recommended for our young readers!

Book Received from publisher
Via Kelly and Hall

G. A. Bixler

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