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Paul Kyriazi's McKnight's Memory - Print or Audio!

McKnight's Memory

By Paul Kyriazi

CIA Chief James McKnight has three problems - Amnesia, the Mafia and his addiction to the Ultimate Woman
McKnight woke up in a small Colombian Village in the middle of a drug raid with no memory. Returning to Washington D.C. things get worse as he finds out the Mafia has a contract out on his life.

His only solace in this deadly game of cat and mouse is Carla, the woman he is living with, though he can't remember her. She is the most beautiful and erotic woman that McKnight could imagine. He has the feeling that he knew her from someplace else, but can't quite remember. With his life in danger, can he trust her? Can he trust the CIA? Perhaps his bizarre dreams hold the answer.

The jungles of Colombia, the monuments of Washington D.C., the gambling tables of Atlantic City all have dangers awaiting him. Can he solve the puzzle? Can he outwit his adversaries? Can he survive to win the voluptuous Carla or will she be his Doom.


"Maybe you're part of what's been happening to me, all of which is bad. Maybe you made a phone call when I left here. A phone call to get me killed."

"What a stupid thing to say to the woman who's been climbing in and out of your bed for the last six months." Carla could see a decision coming on McKnight's face. "What?" was all that could come out of her mouth now because she became aware of something she had forgotten about when her temper was flaring. The gun in McKnight's hand. And he now looked like he was thinking about using it.

Carla froze.

McKnight took a deep breath. "I might be paranoid. I'll give you that. But on thing's for certain. One, somebody wants me dead. Two,somebody tipped off that killer, told him I was going to the mall. He hesitated, hoping Carla would ask him what the third thing was. But she stood there silent, contemplating the gun in his hand.

Narrated by Frank Sinatra Jr. Performed by Robert Culp, Nancy Kwan, David Hedison, Don Stroud, Henry Silva, Alan Young, Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, Barbara Leigh, Gary Lockwood.

CIA agent James McKnight (Robert Culp) has amnesia and has the mafia and the CIA out to kill him. He tries to escape with his beautiful lover (Nancy Kwan), who he doesn't remember and might be working against him.

It was a dream working with our narrator, Frank Sinatra Jr. I had heard his audio commentary on two of his father's movies on DVD, "Robin and the Seven Hoods" and "Oceans Eleven". His voice, articulation, as well as his respect for character actors impressed me, so he was approached to take the listener along on this conspiracy tale.

Mr. Sinatra requested his recording be done at night as that is when most singers feel their voice is the best. He gave a concentrated performance, often coming up with changes in the text that were superior than the original.

For example, there is a line that read, "The hit man was dead before his 200 pound body crashed to the floor." Mr. Sinatra changed it to:"The hit man was dead before his 200 pounds crashed to the floor." When I heard that, I was overjoyed that this subtle, but powerful change had happened.

Then Mr. Sinatra said, "Okay fellas, I'll read it as written so that you'll have a choice." But I knew right then which reading I would use. This happened a few other times as well. I was in awe of Mr. Sinatra's annunciation and sometimes ending a paragraph in an upward tone, leaving it hanging as if more will come. I don't know what that's called, but I loved it.

During our breaks, it was wonderful to talk with Mr. Sinatra about the sets that he visited of some of the now classic movies, such as "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Them". He also explained why and how lounge acts disappeared from the Las Vegas casinos.

It seems that when the headliners lost popularity and could no long fill the large show rooms they were moved to the lounge to entertain gamblers and provide music to the whole casino. But when the entertainers insisted that their act be curtained off from the casino, the owners decided that if the gambler could see or hear the acts, then why should they pay to have them in the lounge. Thus the lounge acts disappeared.

The production's cast includes Robert Culp, Nancy Kwan, David Hedison, Henry Silva, Don Stroud, Barbara Leigh, Alan Young, Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, Gary Lockwood, and others. The production has full sound effects and music, like an "audio-movie".

It's a mystery/thriller about a CIA deputy director that get's amnesia and for some unknown reason is marked for death by both the Mafia and the CIA. The woman he lives with, but can't remember, runs with him. But can he trust her?

This is my second full cast audio-book. My first was "Rock Star Rising" narrated by Rod Taylor. Performed by Russ Tamblyn, George Chakiris, Robert Culp, James Darren, Barbara Leigh, and Kevin McCarthy.

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