Thursday, September 23, 2010

The James Bond Lifestyle...Paul Kyriazi Shares Review/Story of Seminar

Cover of "Tokyo!"Cover of Tokyo!
True Terror in Tokyo - James Bond Lifestyle advice.

I got this story straight from the horse: A Japanese college student boy was walking in Shujuku (popular movie and restaurant section of Tokyo) when a pretty girl standing by a bar invited him to come in and have a drink with her.

After having a drink and singing a karioki song he got handed a bill for $500 by the tough guy manager. "This can't be right", he said. The manager replied, "One hundred dollars for each drink. One hundred for singing a song. Another hundred for singing with the girl. And another hundred for putting your hand on the girl's shoulder while you sang. That's a total of $500."

"I only have $200."

"Then give me your watch until you come back with the money or you can't leave". The next day he came back and redeemed his watch.

Lots of lessons in this story for us James Bond Lifestyle students. Such as always know the kind of place that you are going into and what you are getting into. And it's better to carry $500 and not need it, than need $500 and not have it. And to quote Johnny Rivers in Secret Agent Man:

A pretty face can hide an evil mind."

Jesse James' magazine calls
the James Bond Lifestyle "The baddest seminar of them all."

Here's what the November '09 issue #20 of Garage magazine said about The James Bond Lifestyle seminar. And remember this is not an ad. This is what they said after listening to the course:

"Contrary to popular belief, seminars didn't necessarily die a painful post- '80's death. They are alive and well today, and the baddest seminar of them all is How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle.

Come on, who doesn't want to be James Bond? Why would you choose to be a depressed, lonely accountant when Paul Kyriazi can offer you the definitive guide to being a suave, stylish sex god - replete with chicks, cars, gadgets, and exotic locales - on 8 CDs.

Don't hesitate, begin your journey to Aston Martin ownership today."

And then the editors put my website and three photos of the box and CDs, in full color. Yes, Jesse James is the guy on the Discovery Channel  and on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' show with Trump.

James Bond Lifestyle Seminar page on Facebook:

Paul Kyriazi is now in Tokyo, so I thought I would include a story from there...Paul will be with the Reviewers Roundup before the end of the month in a live chat from Tokyo! Keep watching for details!

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