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Review: Modern Day Prodigal Son Story Creates Heartwarming Novel!

Return of the prodigal sonImage via WikipediaFrom The Dead

By John Herrick

Segue Blue
ISBN: 9780982147016
376 Pages

Finalist – 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

"That's what faith is: believing before you see it, knowing in your heart it's there, even if it's not evident to your eyes." (P.284)

From The DeadJesse Barlow was just 18 when he left his Ohio home to become an actor in California. He found his way there and did get a few walkon parts through the years. He worked in a photo shop and had become quite a good photographer--enough to get a few jobs taking pictures. But, his girlfriend continued to bring in more money than he did; in fact, he was living in "her" apartment.

But Jesse had become restless; he had lived with Jada for years and yet they had never grown closer. They had agreed at the start of the relationship that there would be no marriage, no children. It was no longer enough for Jesse. Perhaps it was because his career had never taken off and, in fact, his agent had withdrawn from representing him.

There was only one offer left for him to consider to get a part in a movie; he finally took it, only to have it backfire. Then he learned that Jada was seeing somebody else and asked him to leave. Nobody knew that he had also failed at suicide...

Jesse had kept in touch with his sister, so when he had no place else to go except back to Ohio, he went first to see Eden. Their father was a minister; while there had been some telephone contact between he and Jesse, they had not seen each other for eleven years. When Eden offered her spare bedroom, Jesse gladly accepted. However, he did go visit with his father and even asked him for a job. He was given a job in the maintenance of the church. For Jesse, though, who had begun to feel the peace of being home again, even cleaning a row of toilets was something that worked to help clear his mind.

Eden had immediately encouraged Jesse to contact his old girlfriend, Caitlin. Finally, he felt ready to see her, but then was totally blown away when he learned that she had never aborted their child as they had agreed, before he left home. Jesse, who had been thinking about having children, was to meet his ten year old son, Drew.

So many secrets had been kept. None of Jesse's family had known about Drew. Caitlin's family had forced her to leave when she wanted to keep the baby, and had raised Drew completely on her own. Now she was being very careful--she wasn't willing to trust Jesse in the role of father...

But Jesse had kept his secrets as well. Nobody would ever know about the suicide attempt or about some health issues that had begun while he was still in California. And now that secret could very well cost him his life. And he had figured out how to handle things to move toward his death...

The drama of the Prodigal Son has always captured many of us in its simplicity, but yet the strong emotional response it brings about. When Jesse Barlow becomes the Prodigal Son and is wonderfully accepted and loved once again, how much more he must do for the Prodigal Son's Son. John Herrick has created a modern-day story that readers will find as a thrilling reminder of a father's love. A joyful reunion, fear, forgiveness and divine love creates a memorable, heartwarming experience that I highly recommend to all! Don't miss the opportunity to read From the Dead by John Herrick.

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