Friday, August 6, 2010

Powerful, Poetic Words Shared by M. G. Hardie...

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The Beat Goes On

They tried to silence us in the fields

we could no longer beat our drums.

They wanted to strangle us into silence

by gagging us with hate.

But the voices of the drums are not lost

They are the pulse of our history

The beat passionately in out hearts

They speak to us through

The Blues of Billie

The Horn of Miles

The Pen of Alex

The Tenacity of Malcolm

The Dream of Martin

The Hope of Obama

The Future of Me.

I hear the echoes of strength

I feel the vibrations of survival


We will not be silenced

We will not be defeated

We will continue to search for our voice

And I will beat my drum... will you?

MG Hardie ©
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