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Review: It's Murder, My Son - Great New Series!

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Gnarly roamed the estate, one time finding a human skull!
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It's Murder, My Son:
A Mac Faraday Mystery

By Lauren Carr

ISBN: 1452819432
286 Pages

Everybody by now knows that I thoroughly enjoy series, so it's no surprise that It's Murder, My Son gets a high recommendation from me! But first the storyline and characters have to have grabbed me! And they did!

It's Murder, My Son (Mac Faraday Mysteries)
Mac Faraday found out very recently that he was the son of a famous fiction writer! She had made arrangements to meet him once before she died and then left her entire estate to him. His mother had been involved with a married man, from the town where she lived so that Mac was finding out much about his roots when he moved into his mother's estate.

He also inherited a live-in companion of his mother's...she had been her friend and assistant during her career and now Archie, who lived, in a separate cottage on the estate, was finding that she was thoroughly enjoying having a man around; that is, this man! Mac had been a cop--inheriting had saved him from filing bankruptcy for several reasons...

Mac also inherited Gnarly!

But Gnarly, a German Shepherd, is not just a favorite pet that adds fun to the book. Mac is told that he is a genius, for a dog.  You see, Gnarly just may have been "on the job..." Of course, his job was as he, himself, perceived it; in fact, he had been dishonorably discharged from the service because he didn't always obey his superiors (and now Mac!) Needless to say, I loved Gnarly!

In fact, it was Gnarly that started the whole investigation when he was observed chewing on a round object, which turned out to be a human skull...

Mac met his half-brother after that find; but neither Mac nor David said anything to each other, both wondering if the other knew that David's father was also Mac's. David had been first on the scene when the head was found. And then Mac met Chief Roy Phillips, his father's resplacement. He had brought along Travis Turner, a novelist! Mac knew immediately that the Chief was suspect--mainly of being totally unprepared to handle a murder case, if he had to use the assumed expertise of a novelist! Especially when he paid no attention to the fact that Mac had more experience than anyone there...

It was already assumed that the head belonged to Katrina Singleton, a neighbor who had been missing for some time. Of course, her husband had died earlier, supposedly killed by a stalker after Katrina! With a couple more bodies discovered later, the need to figure out what was going on had everybody involved. But then David started rechecking earlier activities and he was fired by Chief Phillips!

Of course that didn't stop Mac and he from continuing their search--and soon what they discovered was going to blow the whole town open!

One of the items inherited by Mac from his mother was her journals. It was interesting to have her son follow the trail she had found and to pull items, such as a necklace, out of his own safe that was an important clue. There were also clues from her former books, as some of the things that happened were discovered to be methods of murder in her books. This whodunit has multiple murders, multiple murderers, and lots of suspects for readers to consider, And even in death, Mac's mother is showing him that It's Murder, My Son!

Lauren Carr has won a new fan with her first book. It will be fun to see what Mac and Archie face in the next Mac Faraday Mystery and to once again hear Mac shout, "I'm going to kill you Gnarly!" Gnarly and I both know he doesn't mean it...Gnarly is just on the job... A Mystery Lover Must-Read in my opinion!

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G. A. Bixler

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