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Review: 2nd in Trilogy by Brenda Novak Requires a 5+ - Available TODAY!

the new border gateImage by izumiflowers via FlickrBody Heat

By Brenda Novak

Mira Books
ISBN: 9780778328032
441 Pages

Roderick Guerrero had only been 15 when he had fell in love with Sophia St. Claire. They had both lived in Bordertown, but Rod was also the illegitimate son of an important man in town. Though his mother continued to work on his farm and Rod had grown up there, they had experienced the humiliation and hatred from his half-brothers and his father's wife. He never found out why Sophia had stood him up and gone to a school dance with somebody else.

Body HeatNow 15 years later his father had called and asked that he come back to town to help solve a series of murders of undocumented aliens crossing the border into the United States. Rod had left home and had moved into a successful career and now was working with Department 6. But if he went home, it would be on his own time. The FBI had already been called in, but finally, he had decided to help. He didn't know that Sophia was the chief of police now...

Not only did Sophia not want his help, she was even too embarrassed to meet him again, after having treated him as she had done. But much had changed in Sophia's life since she had been so shallow. And she didn't need a reminder of that time!

But there were now 13 murders of unidentified alients, the last two a young married couple who had been hoping for a new life and Rod, once they had got together, made it quite clear that he was sure that contacts could be made to insist that he be permitted to offer help. With the town council already on Sophia to solve the crimes, she decided it wasn't worth the arguments. Besides, she was fairly certain she knew who was behind the murders. Sophia had been selected over a former police officer for the top job and she believed that he was doing everything possible to make her look bad, which indeed he was doing. But there were also a number of border farm owners who were losing money as their crops were ruined and animals stolen by those that crossed their lands.

Sophia is a gutsy lady, but probably heads out on her own too often. She crosses the border into Mexico and, while she succeeds in gathering important information, she almost doesn't make it back. She's following any and all leads and proves to be an effective chief as she follows the twists and trails being left. But when one of Rod's half-brothers is murdered, the pressure grows worse and Sophia is given a month's notice that she was being fired!

Novak keeps adding twists on top of twist until readers are wound up tight in this fantastic whodunit. Before the story ends, not only are the murders solved but much more corruption is discovered and personal connections to both Rod and Sophia are pulled in and part of those investigations. A thriller that keeps the suspense high and the atmosphere hot! Let's just say that the ending is edge of the seat, but the ending is great as, we all knew, Rod gets the girl! Not much romance, just enough to break the tension of the hunt! A very cool book! Best I've read from Novak, so far! At least in my opinion...

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G. A. Bixler

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