Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Do YOU See? I see what I see that I see all the time...

A Long Haired ManxImage by Vicki & Chuck Rogers via Flickr


A fluff of fur when he came home with me
I kept him inside, letting him get to know
That he was a special addition to the other three
Who lived in the cabin, never alone

It was a special kindred that we developed
He went with me everywhere inside
Even when the females hissed and yelped
It was always with me he did abide

But with the weather turning warm
It was time to allow monitored outdoor time
20 or so cats outside, door opened; they swarmed
Sometimes to a new guy, they were not too kind

Several days went by, he stayed out more and more
Then it looked like rain, so I called his name
"Rascal, Rascal, come on now indoors"
Afraid he had left, I went out to see, hoping he came

I see what I see every day that I see
A cat came from here, A cat called from the roof
They wanted to be petted, spend time with me
I called for Rascal, but he was not afoot...

Fearing he'd left,  worried for him
I went back inside, stood at my door
Then I happened to look up, and there on a limb
He was gazing right at me, laughing for sure!

By the time I got to the side of that tree
He had moved from the limb to the Y and waited
No way could I climb to get him free
So I called and called, "Come on Rascal!" I said

Rascal scrambled down the trunk of that tree
Scrambled up, flipped over as if my arms were his bed
I took him inside, but he only snuggled to me
It was fun in the tree--but "inside," he said, "instead!"

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  1. Looks like a comforting read. Really liked your description of the cat when he decided to descend the tree, could feel him in my arms.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I'm really not a poet and would never claim to be, but sometimes something has to be said and Rascal was up a tree! LOL BTW, I would often find him there afterwards, but he chosen smaller trees so that I could reach up for him! Smart cat!