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Book Declared Scam! Lies!. Publisher Pulls Book!

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Christian publisher Tyndale House will stop selling The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven by Alex Malarkey and his father, Kevin Malarkey, after the co-author recanted his story.

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The boy who came back from heaven: A remarkable account of miracles, angels and life beyond this world      A True Story

By Kevin and Alex Malarkey

Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-4143-3606-0
158 Pages

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life beyond This World
A Must-Read

I am purposely slanting my review of this book...I am not going to share anything that was written by Alex! Fair to my readers, maybe not...but I consider this book a must-read for anybody who will listen to me! And, you the readers, must directly read those stories that Alex will share.

Although Alex is quick to point out that there is nothing special about him and this story is not about him, but about Jesus, God, and Heaven...I'm cool with that. I totally agree...but I'm still not telling you what he has shared! My review is still going to "Wow" you...

The majority of the book has been written by Kevin. Interestingly, there is little reference to his own story of being rescued by angels during the same crash in which Alex was seriously hurt, and, in fact, died. Kevin was and has been completely concerned about his son, Alex, so I believe you can understand his overlooking himself... Still...excuse me, but how many of us are able to say, "Oh, yea, I was taken from the car crash by angels and I was also seen in Heaven by my son...but I don't remember any of that..."

The car crash that occurred was in 2004, in Ohio, a neighboring state of mine and where my brother lives. He nor I had ever heard about this story. Please note that you can find the site right now and start learning about the miracles that started that day in November. There were many news releases about the accident, many of the reporters included comments about angels, healing, and maybe even God and the name, Jesus. All of them were removed before released. Miracles had begun 6 years ago in Ohio and very few people knew...

Alex had been in a safety restraint; however, they were hit on the side. Essentually, although the skin remained intact and held together, Alex had been internally beheaded... With many other injuries as well.

One of the questions that will come to mind is, "why this family?" The book doesn't get into that. It was a Christian family and, although only 6, Alex had already accepted Jesus Christ into his life. Perhaps that was part of it--we'll probably never know. However, what we do know is that the Malarkey church members immediately gathered support and prayer around the family and the type of daily miracles that Christians routinely do began. There was immediate 24/7 prayer activity in the hospital, for instance, not just by family members, but by large groups of people! A web site was created, family bills were paid... and on and on. When a "major crisis" came in the form of a tree falling on the roof of their home, it became minor in light of Alex and because it was immediately addressed by friends and neighbors.

One of the most important miracles came when people came from homes to the crash and started praying for Alex. Then one of the ambulance crew was given the message that he would be healed and told the family. Kevin admitted that his faith faltered often, but Beth, his wife,  had faith that remained fairly stable, based upon that first word of knowledge that had been given. The book talks of how daily living did put a strain on their marriage and with trying to be responsive to their other two children; but, overall, amazing things continued to happen.

You'll be reading of accounts when angels visited Alex, unknown to anybody but Alex and then you'll be reading about what the doctors found healed after those visits. Healing did not and has not occurred all at once. But then, perhaps that was not the plan to begin with--you'll have to decide that.

Recently for some reason, I was wondering what God looked like. My best friend told me that He looked like us...but that didn't seem to me to be true for some reason... Anyway, Alex answered the question for me based upon his visit. Maybe you've had questions about Heaven or God...Perhaps Alex will have an answer for you as well?

All I can tell you is that I totally believe this entire story! Yes, I am a Christian and was "ready" to believe. So I challenge you...If you are not a Christian, read it and decide yourself. It's only a book. If miracles are not happening in today's world and you know that for a fact, I challenge you to read this book. Who knows,  you may hear something important from Alex, The boy who came back from heaven by Kevin and Alex Malarkey. A true story that MUST be read!

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It's a shame that we can no longer really trust anybody, isn't it?

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  1. This is an incredible book, The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven. The day I received it, I read half the book. I could not put it down. I finished it in two days and have recommended it to at least a dozen people. This family is very humble and it shows in their writing of this book.