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Review: Best Alternative History Thriller I've Read So Far!

airport security gate 1Image by emptyhighway via FlickrPoint of Entry

Peter Schechter

ISBN: 9780060843304
323 Pages

I'm not much into politics; however, if our politicians did what was done in Point of Entry by Peter Schechter, I'd be full of praise and involvement. Alternative History is an interesting genre that allows authors to use current or past historical events and create a thriller or suspense novel that reveals either their imagination or, I believe in this case, what the author would have done or what should have occurred by the involved people. I must say that this book was not only the best alternative history book I've read, but I totally agreed with every word--if I were the individual that should be making those decisions! That's saying a lot for me...What would you choose if these events were really happening!?!

The major countries involved are the United States, Columbia, Cuba and Syria...

If something was to be smuggled into a country, anything and everything has been used. One of the methods for drugs has been for women to be the carriers, coming through airport security with bags they have swallowed! Indeed Juan Francisco Abdoul had a whole group of "mules" that routinely took drugs from Columbia into the United States. Abdoul's family had been major players for many years, but Juan had also gotten into politics to gain more power. He had just attempted to have his brother elected as the new president, while he, already, was president of the Senate.

Point of Entry: A Novel
But they had lost the election. A former Miss Universe, Marta Pradilla, who had been able to gain visibility as she toured the world had just won the election as the first female Presidente!

And she was prepared to move quickly! She already had Manual Saldivar, her friend and now chief of staff and press secretary working to figure out how to remove Adboul and other criminals from Columbia. In fact, during her inauguration celebration, she accomplished both goals she had set for herself: to spend private time with the United States president and to speak to him and Castro in one room at one time!

She also maneuvered and succeeded in a one-on-one email connection with U.S. President John Stockman.

John Stockman admitted to himself that he was attracted to Ms. Pradilla, but it was much more than her beauty. It was her open, honest approach to getting what she felt was the right thing. And she was the first major world player who was willing to challenge the president of the United States and make him see how people on the "other side" saw the actions of the United States. It was perhaps the first time that a president was given counsel and advice not based upon the critical evaluation of how it would affect his presidency, but how our actions would affect the world and its people!

And then the United States learned that Syria had been working to obtain materials for a nuclear bomb. The CIA assumed it would be used to prevent the U.S. from taking action against their country. But the CIA was wrong...

And Presidente Pradilla learned what was really going to happen. But to forewarn the United States would put her own life and Columbia in extreme danger!

I loved this book! I'm ready to vote for Peter Schechter as our next president! Look, how many times do we read about our own president making the "right" decisions rather than what is the most politically correct or based upon advice only from his own support staff! If you have a need to see the Unites States in an entirely new and different and...humane role in this world...this book MUST BE A Must-Read!

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G. A. Bixler

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  1. Dear Glenda,

    How do I not write you a note of appreciation for those very nice words? I know I have a self interest in your commplements, but beleive me: reading comments like yours is what makes book writing fun.

    You very much understood the point of Point of Entry - to both entertain and to educate people about statesmen and women actually being able to make the right decisions. Many of the tough situations in the book come from real life crises that I have witnessesed in politics.

    You are also kind to suggest my run for the presidency. But, gosh, seeing Obama's poll numbers drop just like Bush's poll numbers, you have to wonder whether the presidency isn't just a rodeo - except you're hearding cats!

    Thanks again for your kind comments.

    Peter Schechter

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Re presidency, I tend to agree with you...that's why it keeps me out of political matter what, it seems the president is always placed in impossible positions...But, I think making some hard decisions like in your book would wake up the entire world to the "possibilities." Creates hope that some are choosing the best rather than the "political" choices!