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Review: Attention Historians--A Travel in Time to Grand Pre May be YOUR Must-Read!

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A Travel in Time
to Grand Pre

By Michele Doucette

St. Clair Publications
ISBN: 9780980170467
238 Pages

A Travel in Time to Grand Pre by Michele Doucette was not in the least what I was expecting. Instead, it is a unique, fascinating plunge into history! It also explores genealogy, Biblical archaeology, metaphysics, and, most importantly, the French Acadians. I can guarantee that, for millions of people who may read this book, there will be information never heard before! Perhaps disturbing information; readers may automatically discount it or may willingly explore the extensively researched documentation. For this book is not just a novel, it is an exploration of the past sometimes dating back as early as 400 AD.

There is also mention of current DNA testing as it is used to prove and rewrite history... Do we dare to explore the possibilities of changing well-known beliefs? If you are willing, then this book should be considered a must-read.

It is rare for a reviewer to be able to say, "now where does the story really begin?" But that must be said! Can you go directly to the story without having been "set" into the historical significance of the story as has been done? Could I start on page 48 where there is a Special Message from Madeline Sinclair. Yes, after reading the earlier pages, perhaps I should begin there, for it is when Madeline Sinclair pays a visit to the statue of Longfellow's Evangeline, on August 15, 2005, after she had eaten traditional Acadian dishes in keeping with the Acadian Day celebration. It was also the day before Madeline would celebrate her 26th birthday, and began crying, not knowing why.

Was it the Dandelion wine? Whatever it was, she became afraid, there at the base of the statue, as she fought her dizziness and nausea...

Madeline opened her eyes on her birthday on August 16, 1754. The statue of Evangeline was gone as was everything else that had surrounded her at the Acadian celebration. It was in an ancient church that she met Madame Peche, another time traveler...

And so it began, Madeline had not left Grand Pre, except in time... It was her destiny; she had been brought to that place at that time for a specific reason. Madeline was astonished as Madame Peche told her all about herself, even to the point of knowing that she had a birthmark. It looked like a Templar cross. Madame Peche explained that "that, in and of itself, makes you the one."

And so it was that Madeline began the life of those living during the year 1754. They hid her backpack which had come across time with her and Madeline began to learn about everything that was happening.

She also soon met Michel. Fortunately she found him to her liking, because he was to become her husband, and there was much to learn and do...  Before they both returned...

Dare you learn what it is they brought back to the 21st century?

Michele Doucette has weaved an amazing tale. Perhaps you have read or heard of similar stories where two individuals meet from different times and fall in love. It is indeed somewhat of a simple love story...except...

You will also learn about the tragedy of the Acadian people when they refused to change their allegiance... and of so much more! I think one of the key issues of the book is that there is so much historical documentation provided in support of the story. Is it an alternative historical tale, perhaps fantasy based upon history, or the work of a research historian who has merged all of her research to arrive at a potential "new truth"?

No matter your final conclusion, A Travel in Time to Grande Pre by Michele Doucette is unlike anything I've ever read. And, in that, she has forced me to remember and to dwell upon her words often. Very unique; I've said before...I like unique...I hope my review helps you decide to read the book and decide for yourself!

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