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New Historical Novel by Canadian Author David Mulholland Fact or Fiction?

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by David Mulholland


RENFREW, Ontario.  Author David Mulholland claims to have uncovered a manuscript describing events that led to the fatal duel between Robert Lyon and John Wilson that took place on June 13, 1833, in the town of Perth, Ontario, 80 kilometres west of Ottawa.

“I’m not at liberty to say who I obtained the manuscript from,” Mulholland says. “I returned it . . . I think! There are days when I wake up and wonder if it was a real document. Or did I just imagine it?”

The novel reproduces the 50-year-old memories of an arthritic blacksmith who says he influenced the fatal meeting between Lyon and Wilson. The blacksmith was still living in Perth in 1883. He wrote his report at the request of John Watson, who was a Professor of Moral and Mental Philosophy (Psychology) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, from 1872 to 1924.

“John Watson was a real Professor at Queen’s,” Mulholland says. “Of that I’m certain. You can find references to him on the Internet.”

Mulholland says that although some sentences in the 126-year-old handwritten document were difficult to read, “it was in remarkably good condition, and, despite his arthritis, the author’s penmanship was legible. Photographer Denis Filion took photos of some of the writer’s report, which I’ve included in the book. So I guess it must have been real!”

To retain its authenticity, when Mulholland transcribed it, he kept the blacksmith’s sentence and paragraph structure and his 19th century spellings and capitalizations.

Note: Mr. Mulholland has indemnified GSPH against any claims to the truthfulness of his story.

General Store Publishing House,
130 pages, $19.95 + gst,
ISBN: 9781897508398

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