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2010 - A New Year Has Begun - BRH Bloggin'

Good Morning!

A new year, 2010, has begun...and in what a nice solid way--it's twenty-ten! Is that how you've been saying it? I like the sound of it! When it turned 2000, it was all about Y2K and, of course, as we all know, nothing major happened...

Except that I was still working full-time! And one of the things I was involved with was--you guessed it--the ramifications of the turnover into 2000. Thankfully all of that is behind me, unless I happen to be reading an older book and it revolves around the fears at that time...there were some interesting books put out, mostly suspense/thriller that warned of what just might happen at that time!

Have you noticed however that books and movies involving the abilities of computers are realllllly much more involved that even 10 years ago? I'm reading one right now about Eden...a company that would put poor e-Harmony to shame! But at what price...ahhhh, that's the issue and I love reading what today's authors can conceive for the impact of computers on our lives--both good and bad, as all things are!

If you visit here at Book Reader's Heaven, you just might realize that this may be the first true "blog entry" from me! During the holidays as I was trying to catch up on the stack of books for which I had agreed to a review, I realized that the old saying applied--"too much of a good thing" just may be bad for you!

So, my new year's resolution is to take more time to socialize on the many social networks where I post... wow, that's kind of a mouthful... Not a new concept, you are "supposed" to socialize on social networks; however, my primary activities have been supporting my clients, placing my reviews wherever they might be active...and I will continue to do so, little by little.

One friend and client suggested I should charge for the posting...because the time involved is "a lot;" however, I enjoy doing it and going to the sites, I do become involved with the people as well...

Speaking of getting involved:

Thanks so much to all of my blog followers! I plan to find out about each of you in the future...but do know I am grateful for your taking the time to visit! I have started to follow some of you, but know there are others that I have free to make a point to invite me to your site or blog if you have one!

For your information, I also have a Twibe group, called Books--Reviews. I'm still trying to figure out the possibilities for sharing with that process, but it's fun learning! On Facebook, I have a Group called Reviewers Roundup...This is purely an informal method for authors and readers to come together, with an emphasis on authors being permitted to self-promote in any way possible.  We experiment, use discussion boards for anything and everything...use the "event" process to pull together author info, whatever comes to mind, we're trying it out...

In the right column of my blog, you will see a long posting list. I don't necessarily post to all of these, depending upon the book...but whenever an author is a member, I make sure I join and post for their book promotion.

Only one limitation for me on that...I do not post on any site where they ask that I give up my copyright for my reviews.

Some of you will notice I post about a lot of different things, about other sites...or have guests or spotlighted does that happen? Just by asking or sending me info...If it doesn't seem to work for my blog, I'll write back and tell you address is

Do you share info on other blogs. There is one ambitious lady that circulates a list--I've picked up a couple of book reviews through that process...but if you do book reviews, write poetry or short stories...need to spread the word with a news release....I'm game to help...

Only problem I have is my dial-up access...where I live (in my log cabin amongst 13 acres of woodland) does not provide me the ability to gain faster access. I don't even pick up my tv all the time so I just "grin and bear it." Or...fume and be frustrated...LOL

And...if your time permits...stop by and add a comment...they are allllllllways welcomed!

BRH Owner - Glenda, GABixler

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