Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Heavenly Highlight! Lorna Barrett

"Frannie's handshake was as strong as any man's though not crushing. 'How's the book business? Doin' real well, are ya? I read romances myself. Love that Nora Roberts--but not those J.D. Robb ones she writes.' Frannie leaned closer, lowered her voice confidentially. 'They're set in the future, ya know, and that's just plain weird.

"Can't say as I've ever read any of her work." (p. 32)

I chuckled upon reading the above  from Murder is Binding, the first book in a new Booktown Mystery series.

The second person talking is Tricia Miles, owner of a mystery bookstore in Stoneham, New Hampshire.

Now, I must say, that anybody that runs a mystery bookstore surely has Nora Roberts on her bookshelves, don't you think??? I hope she knows Nora personally so her series won't be banned...LOL!

Anyway, this was a little like the tv show mystery bookstore so if you enjoy that program, you'd be advised to start right from the beginning with Murder is Binding.  I enjoyed the new characters and have trackled Lorna Barrett...even if she is missing out on my favorite author, J.D. Robb!


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  1. LOL! I'm glad you liked that bit from MURDER IS BINDING. When Tricia first started her store, it was meant to be just vintage mysteries, but she soon learned she needed new stock to stay in business. I'm sure as the series goes on that she'll have some J.D. Robb books on her shelf! No doubt about it, there's not a better story-teller (well, except for maybe J.K. Rowling) than Nora Roberts!