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Exclusive Sharing From UK Author Gordon Etherington!

Looking back at the sequence of events that occurred prior to writing the book I can see clearly the preparation that was put in place by the higher realms and how I responded. I was slowly but surely guided from one lifestyle to another, because I was ready and willing to accept change and open my horizons and mind wider, even venturing into the unknown.

As I mentioned previously it was John and Sue Geiss who were the catalyst in opening the window to my awareness and Carol Green who was the instrument in developing my understanding and abilities. But at the end of the day it was entirely up to me how and if I wanted to follow this route, it was my free will and choice.

I never had any doubts, it seemed natural and sat well with me, even though on occasion I questioned my own abilities, which is a natural human reaction. At times we can feel a little out of our depth or unsure of the answer to a question, but this is purely our ego challenging our thoughts and feelings. The secret is to ignore that challenge and go with our inner instincts, they are rarely wrong, although occasionally we might mis-interpret them.

During the visits with Debbie to John and Sue it became quite apparent to us that what was happening had been pre-planned prior to our incarnation this time. Debbie and I were soulmates and I had helped her in a previous life (that is a separate story that I will recount later), and she had requested that I join her at a certain point in this life when she would be going through a difficult time. Having lost both her parents close together and going through the process of severing a long term relationship with a volatile partner she knew that she would need help again to see it through.

These visits went on for some time during which Debbie and I became very close and eventually a couple. I remember John saying on one occasion that there was a good life for us 'if both of us so wished,' and I wish in hindsight that I had paid more attention then to what he actually implied. Alas no, it was something that I would learn the hard way.

It was fine for some while then it was if we were both acting in a play and one party had lost the script, life between us became very difficult and eventually we split up. I had had enough of trying to help and protect her and even John said that I had gone far beyond what any man could be expected to do. It was time to let her go to follow her own pathway of learning and let her sink or swim of her own accord.

That was a difficult time for me, because it was out of character for me to leave her like that, but it was necessary for both of us. I moved into the peace of the countryside and secured a place in a small old country inn where I spent a pleasant time recuperating and rebuilding my life. I had taken a heavy emotional hit and needed the tranquil peace of nature to let it fade away, but it didn't.

It was John Geiss who gave me the answer, and so simple really. 'Whoever you feel closest to on the other side, ask them to take the burden off you.' I did and as I had always been very close to my mother I sent my thoughts to her before I went to sleep asking her to take the emotional hurt away. Next morning I felt a totally different person, the weight had gone and it never returned. Now I could begin to lead a happier stress free life and that is when I seemed to move up a gear and be aware of other things happening around me. I was relaxed, at ease with myself and my thoughts became clear and focussed.

The inn where I was staying had wooden beams, log fires, a lovely ambience with a view of the river and a bit of a history, with its own ghost or two. The story has it that about 35 years previously both the husband and wife owners had died there, she had fallen down the steep stairs in the cellar and Harry had died of heart failure shortly after. Now Harry was reported to be seen about the place on occasion by some of the old locals that knew him and also at some of the other inns along the river.

I had occasion to meet Harry, or I should say converse with him several times in a most bizarre way and verify who he was. In the men's public bathroom there was an electric hand dryer and I had noticed that sometimes it would activate on its own when nobody was near it. Normally it was only the movement of hands underneath the nozzle that would make it function.

One day it went off when I was in there alone so I said, 'if that's you Harry give me one blast for yes and two for no.' The hand dryer responded with one blast. After that I asked several questions just requiring a yes or no answer and got appropriate responses each time, until I asked him if he was happy with the inn now. The response can only be described as agitated. Harry was not a happy man and after much yes/no questioning it appeared that it was because he could not find any of his friends in any of his old drinking haunts. I don't think Harry realised that he was dead but at that time I didn't have the knowledge to do anything about it so just continued to have these weird conversations when he announced his presence.

As the inn was in the country all the previous owners had kept dogs and it was not uncommon in the dim light late at night to see a dog like shadow move through the bar area and sometimes the dim outline of a man crossing the restaurant area.

Once during the day when I was in the accommodation area upstairs I heard my name called quite clearly, but there was nobody else around and the owner happened to be in the cellar. However the strangest situation that occurred during my time at the inn was initially very baffling, to such an extent that at one point I was beginning to question my sanity.

I enjoy reading when I have time and spent some evenings at the inn catching up on books that I had ignored for awhile and although I had a TV it was rarely on, but had a good digital clock with a clear display. Checking the time periodically when reading, as I can get carried away with a good book, I started to notice the time often varied, and it was puzzling. One moment it would be 10:30 pm and when I checked again it would be 8:45 pm, then it would read 11:15 pm and when I returned from the bathroom it would say 7:30 pm. Each time I would check it against my watch, which seemed to be keeping the correct time. This carried on for several weeks but I could never catch the clock changing time and sometimes I would go to sleep with it showing completely the wrong time but in the morning it was right again. I even switched it off for two days and took the battery back up out, yet when I reconnected it the time shown was correct. I was totally baffled and beginning to wonder if I had lost the plot.

It was about a month after it started that I happened to go to a local clairvoyant evening and there found the answer. During the second half of the demonstration the medium approached and asked if he could come to me as he had a communication for me. I agreed and he said that I had been having some problem with a piece of electrical equipment and time, but it was only my youngest brother (he had passed over some years before) saying hello and attracting my attention and letting me know that he was fine. That made sense because he was a bit of a joker. The clock worked perfectly after that.

Not long after that episode was when the thoughts about Arthur and Excalibur started to develop but more so about Excalibur and my involvement. I had this strange feeling that the sword and I were connected, that I was the guardian and keeper of Excalibur during those times. During a general conversation on history one evening at the inn I happened to mention that I felt that I was the keeper of the sword (not mentioning which one and we were not talking about Arthur). The Landlord looked directly at me and just said 'Excalibur.' I asked him where that came from and he replied that it popped into his head from nowhere.

That might seem like coincidence on its own but a month later I was visiting my sister in Sussex, and my brother in law and I were talking history, again on a general basis, and I said the same phrase to him. His immediate reply was 'Excalibur,' and he didn't know where that came from either, it just popped into his head and he said it without thinking.

I began to realise that there was more to this story than even I realised.

(more to follow)

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