Friday, January 1, 2010

January Spotlighted Author, Gordon Etherington Coming to BRH from the United Kingdom!

Welcome to Gordon Etherington who sends his picture, here from Sussex! We have an exciting month coming up here, thanks to Gordon...including his willingness to allow me to share the first 12 chapters of his book! That should start sometime during the 2nd week of January, so Watch for them to start! In the meantime, be prepared to learn the mystical way about how Gordon came to write his book! 

Here's my review to give you an overview of his exciting tale:

Arthur and Excalibur:
The Untold Story
By Gordon Etherington
Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781425160388
302 Pages

Do you believe in the legend of King Arthur? Did he really exist as Britain's King, leading the battle to win over the Saxon invasion and begin merging the country under the High King? After you read Arthur and Excalibur: The Untold story by Gordon Etherington, all of your doubt might just disappear! No review could cover the breadth and depth of this book's content!

When High King Uther Pendragon saw a woman he desired, then he took her--even if she had drunk too much and was near unconsciousness. This time he wanted the wife of Duke Gorlois. Fortunately for Igraine, her maid caught the King in her bedroom, because she had proof of what had happened when she discovered she was pregnant! When Igraine realized this, she immediately called upon her old and wise friend, Merlin.

Merlin took charge of everything, having Igraine visit a sanctuary where she could have the child and afterward, leave the child to be raised there in his youth. Gwendolyn, a young woman in the village, became the only mother Arthur knew. Later, Merlin arranged to have Arthur live in the home of Sir Ector where he would be trained for his future role--although none of those involved in Arthur's life were aware who he was.

One small incident illustrates the type of detail in this book: When just a lad Arthur met his first bear! There in the woods he stood, waiting to see what she would do. And then a young cub appeared who had a large thorne in his paw that could not be easily removed. Arthur not only removed it but also prepared a compost to take the pain away. Arthur was known thereafter in the animal kingdom; and they later helped him in battle!

Arthur was still very young when it became necessary to bring him forward to be named as the rightful new High King. He had learned much, including a secret visit to a mystical cave, when he was called upon to challenge for the right to rule Britain. And, of course, he was selected by being able to pull the sword belonging to the High King from a stone (Excalibur came to him later!)

Readers we all know bits and pieces of King Arthur tales. However, Arthur and Excalibur will carry you through his entire personal life...and beyond, so that you will also know where Excalibur now rests! The story includes many battle scenes, much about Arthur's ability to pull together various people and gain continued and widening support. And you will also learn how he was finally betrayed!

The author gives credit to his story to a medium who led him in understanding and unlocking his knowledge and memories. This reviewer responds that in whatever way Gordon Etherington gained his insight, it has resulted in a comprehensive literary statement that is expansive in information, exciting in detail, and certainly plausible as The Untold Story of Arthur and Excalibur. An excellent addition to this early Britain historical period when King Arthur reined!

G. A. Bixler

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