Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Friday Night Club by JNLurie! Review Coming Soon!

Davis Robertson is in mid panic attack. His fiancée is walking down the aisle, the love of his life is amongst the guests, and he’s sure an attack by vengeful strippers is eminent. Then there is that little matter of a gun-wielding tow-truck driver who wants to kill him. The four days leading up to the wedding are the backdrop for Davis’ internal struggle, kicked off when the reunion with old college friends (The Friday Night Club) causes long dormant memories of his sweat-down-the-back reckless youth collide with the reality of stability, comfort, and possible death-by-boredom. Fresh in his mind are the memories of the Heaven and Hell party involving a paint-ball splattering roommate, the love of his life, a bevy of strippers, and the mysterious Fat Spider-man saving them from certain sobriety, the trip to Vegas to forget about his father’s death involving acid trips, Scientologist kidnappers, and a gun-wielding, RV stealing tow-truck driver who almost killed them.

Now, at the altar, he must decide his fate. Marry his fi ancée, resigning himself to an ordinary yet contented existence? Escape to Brazil with the love of his life to enjoy lust, passion, and uncertainty? Run from it all and return to his hedonistic lifestyle, fi lled with flesh, drink, party and few cares?

The Friday Night Club is a fast-paced coming of age story for adults in the spirit of Stand by Me, with the fi rst person narration in the vein of Nick Hornby and dead-on dialogue akin to Elmore Leonard.

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