Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: The Friday Night Club! Are You A Member?

The Friday Night Club

By Jacob Nelson Lurie
ISBN: 9781439262474
350 Pages

I had to laugh when I read " my mother and sister who were able to read this as fiction" at the beginning of this book. I have two nephews that were on my mind as I delved into the personal lives of The Friday Night Club by Jacob Nelson Lurie. But I tended to think a lot more truth than fiction, based upon the "guy humor" that we've had to face over the matter that none of us ever got some of the jokes!

Guys are definitely going to love this book that will take them on a memory romp through school/college years or to that special group of guys that "hung out" whenever they got the chance and looked for and hoped for...

So I thought I would just ignore those antics that you will either love or hate, depending upon your age--you know, drinking, parties, girls, girls and more girls.

This is my take on the main character--Davis Robertson, AKA JNLurie! The author gives us a disclaimer right at the beginning: "This is a true story. Aside from the parts that aren't true..."

Davis Robertson is the kind of guy that most good girls seek...and should ignore until he's about 25. Before that, girls will immediately see a sweet, sensitive, gorgeous guy--fear him! Run in the opposite direction, do not allow yourself to get close, to fall for him...
He is nowhere near being able to leave The Friday Night Club and the guys... If you fall in love, your heart will sooner or later be broken!

Davis is 28 when his marriage to Pamela is to take place. He's fallen in love at last and wants to spend the rest of his life with her...

But, of course, The Friday Night Club swoops into town, immediately takes over his life and plan a bachelor party that will end all parties... But, being with all the guys again also takes them down memory lane and, you guessed it, all the young women from the past life of Davis take this time to come see if Davis is really getting married, whether he still has those feelings for "her." Frankly I stopped counting how many there were, but, there was "one" special one with whom he had shared love-at-first-sight. He wasn't quite sure about her. So, of course, she was the one that was invited to be the entertainment at his bachelor party--or should I say bachelor brawl?

Seriously, girls, stay away from young Davis and guys like him...You really need to read this book to know exactly what you might get into... But, gee, my heart's been broken lots of times...and you know, I've not regretted any of those guys! So, you'll probably choose to learn from experience too!

Readers, this is a fun book--to either go back into memories of your youth or to enjoy and "compare" whether your Halloween Heaven and Hell party was as good as the one The Friday Night Club by Jacob Nelson Lurie were involved in!

Perfect spring break book!

Perfect pre-marriage counseling book...ah, just kidding???

In any event, a thoroughly enjoyable, fun, escapism creation that will keep you laughing or crying (probably in different places based upon whether you're a male or female reader) but, certainly, turning the pages in anticipation! Great Read!

G. A. Bixler

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