Monday, January 25, 2010

A Heavenly Highlight! J. D. Robb

"On the sidewalk, people bustled by. On the street, traffic chugged. The air buzzed with the sound of them, of business, of busy, of life, while Lopez stood quietly studying Eve's face.

"'Why do you do what you do? Every day. It must take you places most can't look. Why do you? Why are you a cop?'

"'It's what I am.' Weird, she realized, that she could stand with a man she barely knew, one she couldn't yet eliminate as a suspect, and tell him. 'It's not just that someone has to look, even though that's just the way it is. It's that I have to look.'

"'A calling.' Lopez smiled. 'Not so different from mine.'

She let out a short laugh. 'Well.'

"We both serve, Lieutenant. And to serve we each have to believe in what some call the abstract. You in justice and in order. In law. Me, in a higher power and the laws of the Church.'

"'You probably don't have to kick as many asses in your line.'"

From Salvation in Death, 2008, J. D. Robb - A Favorite Must-Read Author...

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