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Exclusive from UK Author Gordon Etherington - The Opening of His Book!


My eternal gratitude and thanks to Carol Green, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher extraordinaire, for her guidance, dedication and perseverance in teaching all her students, including me, how to connect with our inner self so that everything just flowed naturally. Aiding my development by showing me how to unlock a wealth of knowledge and distant memories that I appeared to possess, that helped make this book possible.

Te anu Carol
In love, Light and Truth



MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT ARTHUR OVER MANY CENTURIES, but unfortunately what little that might have been written at the time has been lost and does not exist today, even the annals of Gildas, Nennius and Bede have been so widely copied and translated as to leave them suspect. Most were written many years after the events, often with the biased viewpoint of the author. Stories were handed down by word of mouth and developed into myth and legend over time, but most tales tend to have an element of truth in them initially, that are later embroidered upon by each storyteller to enhance the tale. The French romancers were masters in the art of intrigue, introducing new characters and quests to hold the reader’s interest and further develop a story. Some of the characters were perhaps real people from other eras, some total fiction, such is the way of a storyteller in developing a legend or sequence of tales. You will not find the likes of Lancelot or Galahad, or indeed many of the other ’knights’ in this story, nor the many quests that they were supposedly involved in.

This is the story of the troubled times that this country faced after the Romans had left. How Arthur, following in Uther’s footsteps, set out to stop the infighting between rival kings and bring peace and order to a country that was disintegrating and in danger of being overrun by the Saxons.

Christianity had been established for some while and although the Celtic influence was still strong in many areas there was general acceptance of both ways of life by the people. However the Saxons were still pagans and their conversion to Christianity would take several more generations. The task that Arthur set himself was not an easy one in the circumstances, but he persevered and many of the foundations that he laid for a better life survived for many generations, and in some cases were improved upon. It is an important part of the history of this country in its evolution, and showed the world what could be accomplished by working together to stem the flow of the Germanic tribes. Britain was the last outpost then, and history has a tendency to repeat itself, and usually produces the right leader at the right time, just as it did with Arthur.

This story is perhaps best described as a recollection from deep in my memory of what happened in that time, I feel as though I was there and had a part to play in events. Through various unexplained ‘coincidences’ in the last few years I felt as if I was being directed to write this story and some of the words that I have written are not words that I would use. On occasion I needed to check their meaning, and always it was the correct word.

Whatever your thoughts, I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I did in writing it.



A TRULY REMARKABLE TALE OF LOVE AND ENDURANCE through the battles and struggles of the world’s best loved King - Arthur, as he strove to bring peace and prosperity to Britain by stopping the incessant infighting and uniting the country against the Saxon hordes. Laying the foundations of a better way of life for his people and the country that would last for many years. A man of passion and foresight, a born leader and diplomat who devoted his life, and eventually gave it, as he battled against internal strife and the ever present Saxon threat. He continued the task that Uther had started, but he was a far better King than his father, their characters differed greatly. Arthur was a man of the people and for the people, seeking to ease their burden in life and to be proud of their heritage, working together for the benefit of all. As King he let it be widely known that he was approachable by anyone, whatever their rank and station in life and would seek to resolve their problems or mediate on their behalf. Young or old they were all of equal importance in his eyes, the young because they were the future of his country and the old for their wisdom and advice. No stone was left unturned as he sought to bring his vision into reality, admitting that he was only human and would make mistakes, but he would quickly learn from them. A great exponent of ‘service to others, before service to self,’ that contributed much to his success throughout his life.

The tension is there as this remarkable young boy, turned King, left his mark on history as he pursued his destiny with compassion and total commitment, losing his wife Gwenhwyfar in the process. He could not have done it alone, and in this respect much was due to Merlin and the other Elders that secretly prepared him for his life as High King, and continued to advise him until the end. His sword Excalibur, given to him by the Lady of the Lake, gave him the protection that he needed, put fear into the hearts of his enemies and aided him in many mystical ways. This is a magical insight into his real life as it happened, not just another mystical fantasy. I feel as if I knew him well.


Chapters 1-12 will be provided next!
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