Friday, October 23, 2009

Review: Second in Trilogy Tragic And Thrilling!

Oracle’s Legacy:
Shadows of Fate
By R. B. Holbrook
ISBN: 9780557095889
478 Pages

“...perfection is fruitless...wake your eyes to mistakes, for they are catalysts of great knowledge, opening many roads that perfection can’t offer.” –1st Oracle

Yes, you could read R. B. Holbrook’s second book, Shadows of Fate, in the Oracles’s Legacy Trilogy as a stand-alone novel. After all, it’s nearly 500 pages of action-packed supernatural adventure! But why would you want to? Check out my review of the first in the Trilogy, Children of Sun, and begin right from the beginning! I know you will be glad you did! Remember to use the Glossary to understand the civilization into which you will enter for this short time.

Bones, a young boy, was the reason Ollie had died. She allowed her energy to be transferred, much as you would blood, to keep him alive. She knew that Bones had a special role to play in the future!

Ollie had been brought back to life when she had died as a small child. Jamili, her father had used his energy at that time. This time, however, she had been dead for four days and the House of Moon being known as Demon’s Wrath had pulled her back from death. He wanted her as his own and for many reasons.

But first he had to break her to his will...

Violence was part of those in the Structure, but readers should be aware that what happens to Ollie will be difficult to read. This book has violent content and parental guidance should be used. But if you enjoy following the lives of powerful, fascinating, sexy women, picture one who has the capability to use energy as a tool and the guts to use it, and you’ll know that Ollie fought to give as good as she received, considering the torture she was forced to bear! No matter how much, each of her brothers and sisters were experiencing problems resulting from Ollie no longer being there to support them.

Few in Ollie’s family knew that she was alive. But many of them, especially Vlad who was able to track her bloodline and Cee who was a healer, began to have dreams and/or could feel her energy, each feeling that they were only suffering from their personal loss. And in the Moon complex where she was held captive, only one woman, a healer, was assigned to help her through her days of beatings and resulting anger and pain.

Ollie’s twin brother had changed the most since her death. Mainly he had also learned what his future role would be. Now, as Ollie strives to regain her strength and escape, the rest of her family and loved ones were also looking toward a dangerous future that was being foretold.

But none of them knew at that time that the danger would be Ollie...

Science Fiction? Yes but once you enter the Structure you will become spellbound, flinching when beams of energy are used, waiting breathlessly while buildings crash down, trees are uprooted and thrown as spears, walls are destroyed and one member of the Structure strikes down another and another!

For imaginative genius, I’ve not read anything like Oracle’s Legacy: Shadows of Fate by R. B. Holbrook!

G. A. Bixler

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