Friday, October 23, 2009

Reviewers Roundup Hosting Pat Bertram, The Book Marketing Floozy!

Book Marketing Floozy
Pat Bertram
Shares Re Book Blog Tours,
Writing, and her books
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Saturday, 3-5:00 PM EST
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Here's a little from Pat in advance!
My latest novel, Daughter Am I, is the story of a mythic journey -- a quest -- though the characters who help and hinder the hero are not wizards and warlocks but aged gangsters. To promote the book, I’ve embarked on my own quest. A blog tour. There is much ahead of me in this cyber quest — tests, meeting allies and enemies (enemies don’t have to be human — they can be missed deadlines, lack of energy, blank mind, all the various ways life has of thwarting us). This quest in itself will be a supreme ordeal — 70 blog posts in 35 days? Yikes! I’m sure there will be plenty of other ordeals before I can reap my reward. You can find my blog tour schedule here:
One of the problems I’m discovering is that everything takes longer than I think it should. I had hoped to be further along in my preparations for the Daughter Am I blog tour, but . . . yep, everything takes longer than the time I’ve allotted. I worked on an interview last night, which should have been easy. Ten questions about my books. That was it. Yet it took me three hours.
Glenda Bixler invited me here today for a live chat about blog tours, my books, and anything else you care to discuss. I’ll try to answer any questions you have and will accept any suggestions.
The live chat will be from 3:00pm ET to 5:00pm ET on Saturday, October 24, 2009. I hope you will join us! It will be fun!
Come Join Us!

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