Saturday, October 31, 2009

Review: Financial Headlines Explored in Drama

Men of Gain
By Hunter McClelland
Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 9781608600687
106 Pages

No one was complaining as long as business was good; everyone was making money.” (p.41)

Enter into the life style of the rich in Men of Gain by Hunter McClelland. Evan and Jennifer own a “magnificent Tudor house,” own expensive cars, share in family activities on their boat. Life is good.

Until Evan, Manager of the Venable Hedge Fund took more risks than he should have for one of his most important financial deals—involving $19B.

In a modern somewhat novella format, the first half of the book covers the typical activities in the Tipton family. Evan, of course, spends most of his time working or talking on the phone about potential work or emergencies. Jennifer, of course, is a homemaker, taking care of the children and enjoying various leisure activities. Jennifer is considered an outsider, not coming from another rich family, and there is a certain realism to her that in many ways carries the story.

As questions arise, concern is expressed, and problems are expected, it happens during a planned weekend with the family to go out on their boat. Everybody notices that Evan is frustrated and wishes he could have gone to work instead. When his father takes his cell phone away and starts talking, Evan shares some of his concerns, only to have his father clearly let him know that everything he ever did was always morally correct.

Evan felt that times had changed; more was expected these days. Chances had to be taken in order to make the expected bonuses that could run into millions!

Returning to the office after his short time away immediately became a nightmare as he was arrested, charged with malpractice, fraud, and misallocation of funds, and suspended from work, pending an investigation by the FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission.

He also met with his company’s legal representatives, who were supposed to represent him; however, he soon began to wonder if that were true, especially when the lead female lawyer, sexually propositioned him!

Hunter McClelland provides an imaginary intimate look into the family of those Men of Gain in today’s financial world where the “bottom line” is the one and only true goal for those working there. Competition, betrayal, risk-taking are expected; finger-pointing the final outcome. Is it worth it?

Recommended for those who are looking for the answer. A final note of interest, this book is “dedicated to honest, hardworking people everywhere.”

G. A. Bixler

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