Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review: Vengeance Road by Rick Mofina Provides High Suspense!

It was called Vengeance Road for a reason. Deceit, theft and murder had occurred there. Not much had changed since the 1800s when it first got that name. Now Jack Gannon was heading there based upon a hunch, really, hoping no other reporters had gotten there before him. They hadn't.

But the big rig was there--he had come home, and had brought his latest victim with him.

I had not read any books by Rick Mofina until I selected Vengeance Road! What an exciting fast-paced drama! Let me tell you a little about it!

Jack Gannon is a reporter at the Buffalo Sentinel and happens to catch a call regarding a body being found in a local park. The body of Bernice Hogan has been found and as Jack begins his investigation, he discovers the major suspect being considered by the police. He runs the story!

The suspect has some powerful friends and Jack is suspended. But he keeps on his search, now as a freelance reporter--there are too many "coincidents" that bring the suspect near the case! Based upon his earlier story, the mother of another young girl, Jolene Peller, had asked Jack for help, believing that she could trust him. Jolene had been on the way to Florida for a job, but had never arrived. She had met her friend, Bernice, and thought that she should help her, turning back to follow her into the woods. She disappeared on the same night Hogan had been killed. Gannon had made a commitment to try to find Jolene, as well as break the story!

Living on the severance pay from the Sentinel, Jack begins an in-depth investigative report on the main suspect. His one confidential informant had assured him his story was accurate and kept him informed of what was happening because Jack had protected her. Another fact discovered was that a big rig with a sword or large knife as an emblem on the side was seen parked near the scene of the crime. Truck stops were obvious places to search. Jack's investigation takes him all over the US and into Canada, discovering a trail of unexplained deaths that went far back in time.

Sometimes the police got to places first, but often it was Jack there waiting until the primary investigators showed up. Soon they began to realize that Jack seemed to know more about the case than they did, respecting him even though they didn't like him or want him around!

I love interesting surprise endings, don't you? Well, you will definitely find one in Rick Mofina's Vengeance Road. This story is so intertwined with twists and turns that you've really got to read it to begin to see the psychological trauma through which a young man traveled to end a terror that had started generations ago. Suspense like you haven't seen in awhile! Don't miss this one!

G. A. Bixler


  1. Interesting review! I haven't read a book from this author previously but from the sound of the reminds me vaguely of some of the more well known "crime fiction" authors of today.

  2. Thanks GMR, this one kept me moving page by page, even though it wasn't a true whodunit, the psychological tension kept you going!