Friday, October 23, 2009

Review: Enter This Surreality Only If You Dare!

Oracle’s Legacy:
Children of Sun
By R. B. Holbrook
ISBN: 9780557112883
310 Pages

It takes awhile to create the story of a civilization that exists alongside humans, without their having any knowledge of those within its “Structure.” That said, as you begin to read the science fiction trilogy, Oracle’s Legacy, by R. B. Holbrook, take the extra time to read or refer to the Glossary at the front of the book and get to know a little about this civilization. Once you have a fairly basic understanding... start reading and enjoy!

First in the trilogy is Oracle’s Legacy: Children of Sun. The Oracle, who is the leader and most powerful of the structure is of the House of Sun. She is very old and close to death. Already, there are those from other Houses who are gearing up for proposing that the next Oracle be selected from their respective House! An election? Well, not quite. Many of those proposed will be assassinated before they have a chance to be selected!

The structure is made up of seven houses that seek enlightenment by attempting to understand the nature of energy. The type of energy that it uses characterizes each of the houses. For example, the House of Blade embodies physical energy and uses much of it for military purposes, while the House of Stone embodies environmental energy. Many of Stone are engineers, architects or those who work in agriculture.

Although there are only 8 million people in the Structure living amongst the billions of humans, each one is born with certain gifts—gifts that allow them to use or manipulate energy in some particular way and identifies their respective house. Each of the entities strive to reach various levels of enlightenment which requires understanding the balance between all things and how they are connected. As each individual matures, they develop what is called a “seal” that expands across their skin surface, which reveals the type of power they use.

Ollie is the first main character readers will meet. She works under Geo, the oldest brother of a family of the House of Sun. Many have been brought into the home and they become family; specifically they are under the protection of the family and call the head of the home Mama. Many of the children there have the same father, but not all children are of the House of Sun.

Ollie was brought into the home to save her life. In fact, she had died from the abuse she suffered as a child, but was brought back to life. Her twin brother Ellis was traumatized by having Ollie chosen by a sexual predator and now is totally devoted to protecting his sister as much as she is willing to allow. For Ollie has developed into a much-feared, but much-loved woman (depending upon whether she’s protecting you or hunting you)!

This review provides an overview of the book; however, once you are into the story, the characters are wonderfully unique and full of surprises to delight readers. Imagine telepathy, extraordinary brilliance, telekinetics, those who can heal using energy, those who can see in the past, present or future.

Then consider the range of actions that could occur as these supernatural individuals strive to win the top position when a new oracle is named! Exciting action like none other awaits you in R. B. Holbrook’s Oracle’s Legacy: Children of Sun! Enter this surreality, only if you dare! If you love Science Fiction, this just may be a must-read for you!

G. A. Bixler

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