Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seeking & Responding to Literary Criticism - Discussion Led by Carol Cassella

Carol Cassella, Author of Oxygen, Published by Simon & Schuster, will be discussing "Seeking and Responding to Literary Criticism" on the Discussion Board, at Facebook's Reviewers Roundup Group Friday, October 30th from 11:00 to 1:00 EST. Click the title of this article to proceed to the Discussion Board!

This event will be held on the Reviewers Roundup Discussion Board in order to Save the Information for the Future! Please join the group before then so that you can fully share and post to talk with Carol.

Carol Cassella will share with us on seeking and responding to literary criticism. Carol is the first-time author of Oxygen, published in June by Simon & Schuster. An interview between Carol and Glenda has been posted as a separate board addition so it is available for review prior to Friday. Also posted is Glenda's review of Oxygen.

Here's a few words from Carol to start you thinking:

"...most fascinating to me is the sense I am getting that readers are sometimes reluctant to write freely, telling me whatever they think. OK, I can sort of get that, because I go all sweaty-palmed and short-of-breath when I get to meet an author I admire. But here’s the thing: without readers there would be no books—or at least no published books. The reader is the client, and I am the service provider. That’s not to say I can take every criticism to heart. However..."

Don't forget to join RR group in order to post and to refresh the page to keep up with the discussion!

If you are not available at the specific time, feel free to add questions in advance or after the event and we'll make sure Carol has the opportunity to respond! In fact, I've already posted some questions!

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