Friday, October 16, 2009

The Writer's Psalm 23 by Guest Blogger Katherine Swarts


The Lord is my Editor; I shall not want for inspiration.
He makes fresh ideas take root in my mind like green grass,
He leads my thoughts in steadfast channels,
He refreshes my writer’s voice.
He guides my words to speak truth and righteousness
For the glory of His Name.
Even when I stall in the mental pit of writer’s block,
I will not fear failure,
For You are with me;
Your Word and Your Spirit,
They instruct me.
You prepare great works for me to write
In the face of opposition.
You anoint my mind with Your creative energy;
My idea pool overflows.
Surely Your goodness and love will stay with me
All the days of my work,
And I will write the praises of Your Name
To the end of my time on earth.

Copyright Katherine Swarts
Katherine is a B2B newsletter and blog writer at
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