Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review: Terri Blackstock Writes Thriller on Intervention!

By Terri Blackstock
324 Pages

Be prepared for Intervention! If you do not like to read true-to-life fiction, this book may be too realistic for you! But you will be missing, in my opinion, the best novel yet written by Terri Blackstock with her "Up All Night Fiction"!

Emily Covington is an 18-year-old drug addict. Her father died from cancer several years ago. They had been very close. Her mother, Barbara, had nursed her father during his long illness and now had to work even harder to provide an income for Emily and her brother Lance.

Barbara was always under a cloud of guilt for not being able to be with her children more and so when she tried to talk to Emily about the life-threatening decisions she was making, Emily knew to use that guilt to get her own way. Knowing this, Barbara felt that an outside individual might be more able to help. With the support and agreement of Lance, who was just 14, Barbara scheduled an Intervention.

When Trish Massey arrived, Barbara was concerned. She was a small woman, smoking a cigarette and drinking a caffeine-laden energy drink. Would she be able to handle Emily and get her back to the recovery center? By the time they were home and Trish had spent some private time with Emily, however, Emily had reluctantly agreed to go for the treatment.

Arriving in Atlanta, Emily used Trish's cell phone to call her mother and begged to allow her to come home. Refusing, Barbara then talked to Trish. That was the last time Barbara had talked to her daughter.

For Trish had been murdered in the airport-parking garage! Emily was seen on the security cameras running away from the car and getting into a large black sedan. And the police were looking for Emily for the murder!

Barbara dropped everything, including the work necessary to be awarded the chance to redecorate the Governor's mansion and keep her company solvent, and flew to Atlanta. After much begging, she took Lance with her and together they started their own investigation into what had happened to Emily. The difference for them was that they just wanted to find her!

But for Detective Kent Harlan, he was still naming her as the lead suspect for the murder of Trish. That is, until he met Barbara and Lance and listened to them talk about Emily. And began to piece together other clues that indicated that Emily could have actually been running away from Trish's car, in fear of her life!

A touch of romance as Kent takes a personal interest in helping Barbara find her daughter adds to the tense drama as it is discovered that Emily had definitely been kidnapped, the only lead being a text message, mom help me.

Blackstock is one of my favorite authors. You may find after reading Intervention, she'll be added to your must-read author list! Definitely 5+!

G. A. Bixler



  1. Oooh it sounds interesting! When I first heard the title, I immediately thought of the TV show! (Which I love) so naturally this book sounds pretty intriguing!

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  2. I've never watched the show...but I can guarantee this is "scary" in concept for what can potentially happen when someone is sent to a disreputable place...