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Now Reading the Oracles Legacy: Book 2 in Trilogy!

R.B. Holbrook Unearths Volume II of Sci-Fi Trilogy —

Oracle’s Legacy: Shadows of Fate

North Carolina author R.B. Holbrook announced the forthcoming release of SHADOWS OF FATE Volume II of the epic ORACLE’S LEGACY, the author’s first venture into pure and imaginative science fiction. The book will be released on October 26, 2009. Pre-orders are available on the author’s Web site

Garner, NC, September 22, 2009 — ORACLE’S LEGACY is an inventive story about a secret civilization known as ‘The Structure’, which was formed in approximately 6000 BC in order to create its own tiered system of enlightenment for its inhabitants that live alongside humans.

The Structure’s society is comprised of seven Houses that chase after enlightenment by achieving various levels of growth in a disclosed attempt to understand the nature of energy in modern day times. Unique tattoo-like ‘energy seals’ display each level as citizens face life challenges, battles, death and re-embodiment.

ORACLE’S LEGACY: SHADOWS OF FATE Volume II rewards sci-fi fans with the continuation of the action-packed journey of The Structure’s civilization and the return of Ollie, who died due to her corrupt seal in CHILDREN OF SUN Volume I. She is revived only to wake up blind and in pain inside a facility of House Moon, the outcast House. Ollie struggles to find her purpose and the nature of her chaotic power.

Holbrook often reveals Creed to Oracle Bethea and other family members as a ‘mental influence’ who can see past, present and future simultaneously. Creed mentally visits Bethea and warns of the coming destruction to the Structure, and it is revealed that it will be solely up to Ollie to save or destroy it. Ollie suffers Demon’s Wrath’s constant torture and tries her best to fight back, but her powers haven’t fully returned since her death.

“Holbrook has created a memorable character in Ollie,” said ForeWord Magazine. “She’s a beautiful, opinionated, foul-mouthed, humorous, family-loving killer whose mother tells her, you have power—power people fear—power that can harm others if not used appropriately, so you must show restraint.”

Holbrook is confident that readers will be entertained and kept on the edge of their seats as the plot continues to unfold in ORACLE’S LEGACY: SHADOWS OF FATE Volume II and in the last Volume of her science fiction trilogy, which will culminate the story in a dramatic and effective way later this year.

Visit Web site, Author R.B. Holbrook resides in North Carolina and after earning her Master’s Degree, she pursued a career in writing. ORACLE’S LEGACY is her first science fiction trilogy.

Book Info:
TITLE: Oracle’s Legacy: Shadows of Fate Volume II
(Oracle’s Legacy: Children of Sun Volume I - released)
ISBN: 978-0-557-09588-9
Publication Date: October 26, 2009
Pages: 496
Suggested Retail Price: $25.50

Pre-order ORACLE’S LEGACY: SHADOWS OF FATE VOLUME II at R.B. Holbrook’s Web site, The book will be released on October 26, 2009.

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I've just finished Oracle's Legacy: Children of Sun! I recommend you get this one first if you haven't already read it! Too good not to plan for the whole Trilogy.
Starting 2nd book today! Reviews Soon!

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