Monday, October 19, 2009

Moi Receives Kudos! How Cool Is That?!

Branden Publishing Company will be having a 100 year birthday soon. They publish mostly nonfiction. Adolfo and I met at the Chicago Book Show many years ago and he sent me a copy of his own book. I reviewed it and, since then, he has asked me to review many books published by him...

Soooooo, it was especially nice to receive the following in my Facebook Inbox! How Wonderful a Day is when somebody shares their appreciation!

Adolfo Caso October 17 at 9:14am

For several years, I have read Glenda's reviews on books which I have edited and written. It is hard to imagine how a person like Glenda is able to make her assessments on the worthiness of books and how capable she is in describing her assessments so that new readers are able to gain more information and greater enjoyment from their readings. Glenda is a senior reviewer.



  1. Congrat's on the KUDO's! Makes it even more worth while then is it already... =0)

  2. Congratulations, Glenda! It really is special to be able to write a review that entices people to read a book. So many reviewers simply rehash the synopsis.

  3. Pat, you know, I would never have thought that somebody would take a book and then not really read it, but review it...but I guess it does happen. In every business, there are honest people as well as those who take advantage...

    But just think of all the great reading they miss by not reading each book they've received! It is really their loss!