Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Sally Schrock Writes & Illustrates Delightful Children's Book!

Hayseed’s First Race

Written and Illustrated by
Sally Schrock
Caballito Children's Books
Imprint of Caballo Press
ISBN: 0982476620

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You are right—I don’t normally open my reviews with publicity information. Well, that just shows you that each book speaks to me in different ways! And Sally Schrock, Writer and Illustrator of Hayseed’s First Race, shares a beautifully illustrated and wonderful story!

Hayseed’s mother, a beautiful horse, inside and out, early on taught Hayseed that he was loved! She especially taught him to love himself! Now that’s a very important lesson that we must all learn—and remember—throughout our lives! When Hayseed was a yearling, he even wrote a list of what he loved about himself. Excellent idea, right?

But then, after much training and practice, Hayseed was going to run his first race.

Nobody gave him a chance of winning. (p. 1)

In fact, Prince Perfect told him right out that he was not a racehorse. Of course, Prince Perfect was sure he was going to win and he reassured Hayseed often that he would and also laughed at Hayseed’s shoes, telling him he belonged in a circus.

Well, Hayseed did wear different shoes—he wore shoes like kids! How cool is that?!

Now Hayseed did listen to Prince Perfect, but it only made him want to run a fast race against him.

And they’re off!

Parents, when you introduce Hayseed’s First Race to your children, be sure to spend time pointing out the detail drawings in the background. Find the beautiful swan in the middle of the racetrack or meet Hayseed’s mother in a “thought” picture showing a small Hayseed by her side. A delightful children’s book by Sally Schrock! Don’t miss this one!

G. A. Bixler

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