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Talking About Ironies: Truncated Tales of Irony Formed in the Creative Mind of CAM RASCOE, Spotlighted Author!

     Hypocritically Hypercritical Calvin Combs, married father of six, pillar of the community. A man of faith dedicated to the service of his fellow man, was this Calvin Combs. A motivational speaker who mentored, coached youth sports, taught Sunday School, led food drives and many other charitable acts over the years. Once a member turned Deacon in his home church, Calvin was recently elevated to Elder due to his service and dedication. Oh so proud was he of himself for the life he led. Calvin believed the Lord was pleased with his works, not bad for the product of the union of an addict and a young convict. Mr. Combs was certainly a survivor. He’d overcome dire circumstances to become a productive and contributing member of society, breaking the cycle of self destruction within his family. Calvin Combs, the rose that grew from the concrete. Patriarch of the Combs family, he was intent on providing a better life for his children than he was afforded as a kid. It was important to him that he be a great provider, protector and example of what a good Christian Family Man should be. Despite all of the good he’d done, somewhere Calvin lost himself along the way. Sins come in all different forms, they are not always in the physical. 
“Those of us who profess to be the most Holy and righteous are just as sinful as those we profess to be so much morally greater than.” CR
Cam Rascoe starts this book with:

“I believe in HIM therefore, I believe in me.” 

The Lord has Blessed each of us with different talents  and abilities. To doubt what you can do with them is to  doubt HIM. BE thankful for the gifts HE’s Blessed you  with and do all that you can with them. But remember,  those gifts are to be used for HIS purpose not ours. 

 This is his first book, Volume 1. I look forward to seeing future books. Rascoe, in order to incite a desire to read within today's youth, has made the decision to write stories, noting that he feels that, if he can get somebody to read a short story in less than a half-hour, he just might hook them into wanting to learn more! Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea...and have already determined that he has had a wide, diverse background, where he could watch people...or, even pull thoughts into a story from his creative mind that would, hopefully, give what I seem to fall back on calling, Life Lessons rather than just short stories...although that, too, is what they are...

Preparing the reader, Rascoe takes the time to set up the type of stories that he will be sharing in Ironies by, first, sharing a basic look at his title...

i·ro·ny [ˈīrənē] NOUN irony (noun) · ironies (plural noun) · dramatic irony (noun) · tragic irony (plural noun) 1. the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect: “'Don’t go overboard with the gratitude,” he rejoined with heavy irony.'”

synonyms: sarcasm · sardonicism · dryness · causticity · sharpness · acerbity · acid · bitterness · trenchancy · mordancy · cynicism · mockery · satire · ridicule · derision · scorn · sneering · wryness · backhandedness 

Each of us, at one time or another, might choose to use words that speak...without saying the true words. I tend to choose sarcasm, or did in th past... About the only form I've been using lately is adding a rather new slang word after something is said: Ah...Duh! It's short, humorous most times if it is used that way. If not, then the individual who hears the word(s) might easily get the point made by that one word...

I found have found an individual story, called "Hypocritically Hypercritical Calvin Combs." which sounded like somebody I know... Which, by the way, reminds me...An interview with our Spotlight Author, Cam Rascoe, is coming next!...

I think the point of the story, above, just might be to remind us that each of us needs to look at ourselves, just as we may see or find something that is bothersome about others. Maybe even realize that we should first look at ourselves--to Know Thyself--first. And, always, that God sees us and!

Ironies contains well over 70 short and long stories, each with an ironic twist. The first one, provided below is short enough to maybe have you understand just what might be Ironies...

About A Girl 

An easy friend is what you simply were to me, always with an ear to lend. You certainly fit the shoe but unfortunately for you, you never had a clue. 

Never did you mind the bad habits that I had to serve. Your kindness I took advantage of while hanging out to dry. Enamored with my creation you were. The artist in me had your heart, but I could never love you or another more than I loved my vice. It was no longer just a vice it now consumed my life. 

While with you I ate, bathed and gained strength to go out and do it all over again. You never judged or condemned me. But you also understood I couldn’t see you every night… free. 

After being out in the wilderness or concrete jungle for a while I would come back veins filled with vice, heart weary, body fatigued. I’d be standing on your line. I do hope you have the time. 

To me you’ll always be no more than number two but when in need I’d keep a date with you. Again I’ll take advantage while, you hang me out to dry but I can’t see you every night… free. 

Whenever I returned you welcomed me with open arms and a warm embrace. From one baby to another it would seem that I’m lucky I met you. You, always the willing victim didn’t mind if my only duty was to completely drain you. You just yearned for that passionate kiss from my mouth to yours, I like you. 

I’ll never love you because I couldn’t love myself but I could love myself better than you. You know it’s true so what should I do? When I’m through with you it’s like I’m high up on a plane; I can’t complain. When you are no longer able to satisfy my needs I must bid you adieu. Never will I burden my mind with memories of you. Once were you a person of purpose to me when I was in need of a warm bed and a hot meal. Service you I did as payment for my nourishment and lodging. Tears you shed after I fled but your hurt was of no consequence to me. 

The respect you lacked, for yourself made it easier for me to flee because if you can’t love yourself better than this; how can you ever be loved by me? 

Sometimes it seems like relationships are always out of sync... One individual might love another more than the other returns that love... Seriously, is that really going to work in a long-term situation? When somebody, especially talking "About A Girl," we may see that she is being used, horribly, by some guy who comes and goes without any feelings of shame. For, surely, she was so needy, he felt, that, really, he just couldn't fall for her... Rascoe has a talent to see that type, or similar types of interpersonal relationships and puts the situation into a few short words, to point out exactly what is going on...So, maybe, just maybe, you can see yourself...and realize, Girl! You Can Do Better!

But the opposite can also be true, right... Some women realize exactly what they are looking for... And, maybe, just maybe, you aren't it?

More Than a Woman 

More than a woman, is that what we’re looking for men? Yes… we all are! Even the most giving, self reliant, domestic, paternal and dedicated men are looking for more than a woman. More than a woman, when we find her do we ever truly know what to do? First: We should love her; love her the way we want to be loved by her. Powerful unconditional love. Love that gives you goose bumps, love that makes you ache when she’s not in your presence. Work days seem like an eternity only because you can’t see her loving face for those agonizing eight hours, five days a week. Second. Be A MAN… without being a man. Do the things A MAN should do, protect, repair, represent, secure and head your household. Don’t do the things men do, be selfish, domestically lax, behave entitled, excessively playing with toys, in other words acting like little boys again. She’s your wife not your mama. Third: Time, give time. Give time to your family, interact; involve yourself in ALL family activities, allow her time to herself (that may mean taking on more parental responsibility). Time given shows dedication to that special woman in your life making you worthy of her time. Make your love timeless. More than a woman is what we yearn for men, but are we up  to the challenge? With great reward comes great responsibility  and behind every great man is a greater woman. Be worthy  of more than a woman, earn the greatness of her love.

And then there is another thing that happens with...Love...

Beating Out The Love 

How could someone be so evil, so vile, 
you have to  understand
 that it all started for him as a child.
 This insanely heinous behavior
 doesn’t just come about on its own.
 This level of malevolence comes
 from years of cultivation,
  ingrained and taught, 
it has to be shown. 
No love was let in, 
only pain, 
strictly darkness no light. 
What little love born within
 surely has been beaten out
 minus a fight. 
Oh the horrors he has suffered
 at the hands of  those
 charged with raising and loving him.
 In his pain they found their joy
 and even a little  profit,
 controlled substance or gem.
 Cries went unheard and
 were even muffled
 to quiet the shame.
 The crimes against
 his young soul
 were  often initiated 
as a friendly game.
 Ravaged, ruptured, rooted,
 run through
 and now you wonder why
 he would want to harm
 a man like you.
 You are the patron of the pain,
 piercing their young  souls
 leaving scars that will never heal
. The lure is the trust
 and the bait is the game
 until a young spirit is broken,
 no longer able to feel.
 Numb to the pain, 
numb to the shame, 
temporarily  forgetting
 the horrible memories.
 Therapists come up
 with sound diagnoses,
  medications, studies and theories.
 No need to go to such
 great measures to understand
 how  monsters are created,
 we merely have
 to hear your life stories. 
Now you have caused harm,
 taken life utilizing
 your  mouth, hands, feet
 and eventually a knife.
 Crime scene so gruesome,
 three victims in all,
  with the stench of violent loss of life.
 No innocence in the room,
 all engaged in evil  debauchery
 on earth with heaven above.
 Now the monster has put 
his training to use and 
 everyone is so appalled
 but this is what happens 
 after you have beaten 
out all of the love.
 Beating Out The

Friends, relatives, neighbors, it is a time when all of us must become more aware... I hope, through spotlighting Cam Rascoe, you will see that he might have words of wisdom that you consider reading. In fact, I highly recommend you start with this book, Ironies, his latest...

Statistics are terrible! We know that drug use, smoking and sexual experience, leading often to rape, incest and suicide are at an all-time high. And even experienced by children of younger ages than many of us could ever imagine... Human Trafficking, seduction of teenagers and children can easily be arranged via the internet, their phones...or even, in person if they are in groups with peers...

Violence is rampant... Oftentimes, caused by violence within the home, as Cam talked about in the last story above... Trust is impossible, isn't it? We have seen that people, perhaps even from churches, or the Boys Scouts have been found to have taken advantage of, or abused those children who we thought were in a good environment. WE MUST become more active... In multiple ways. 

Needless to say, voting must be based upon a sure and clear knowledge of who and what each and very person running for office is the best one for the positions we will be voting on. Just within the last two days, I have been bombarded by mail and phone with lies about an individual running within my state... I know they are lies...but many times you may not know... So please take the time to find out! Vote people OUT who are opposing and condemning our children to Hate by conspiracy theories, lies, and more lies... It will be hard, especially when, as we earlier discussed in earlier posts, churches have been corrupted by members who are acting on behalf of a false prophet, for want of a better way to identify the past president. Church members participated in the January 6 insurrection are now running for office!!!

Violence within the home, on the streets, and more, especially, these days in schools...caused by those who corrupt the world with military-style weapons that should never be sold...As you are probably aware, it is the republican party that refuses to decrease in any way the sales of guns... WE MUST DO BETTER TO KEEP OUR CHILDREN AND CITIZENS SAFE! 

God Bless,

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