Sunday, September 25, 2022

Rascoe On Writing - Adieu Cam Rascoe - Until the Next Time You Visit!


Rascoe on Writing I find writing to be therapeutic; it helps to ease many of my hurts and pains. Revisiting and learning from times of torment, shortcomings, embarrassment and failure are easier for me through writing. I can sometimes share those experiences anonymously or take full credit for my triumphs and disappointments. It is a place that I can escape to when this world becomes too much; I love to take people there with me. An invitation is extended to you all to get lost in a tale with me. Often times the story being told you have already lived but come away with a different understanding of your plight after reading it. You can learn from anyone, even a fool. He can, at the least, teach you what not to do, but I know you’ve all heard that before. It’s true. I want to speak in many voices and from different perspectives so that we can all educate each other, about good or bad, right and wrong. I possess great faith, many sins and vices; Jesus I still love you dearly. For this reason I try to be responsible in my creation, I know that this will become increasingly important as my audience grows. This is my forum to be heard and I use these words as a vector to inject my take on this world and the next into the minds of the reader. Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter to me, just please share. Let’s discuss openly and honestly what it is we do, how we live, what we believe and the way we treat each other. The United States of America is the most culturally diverse place on this planet and for that I am grateful. We are separated not as much by culture and religion but by economic status. Tax bracket grouping, our nation is slowly becoming polarized, the haves and have not. The have nots have been growing in drastic numbers over the past twenty years but it seems that a change has come and for that I am also grateful. Do you agree? Disagree? Talk about it with someone, share. That is what writing is for me. I want to thank all of the great writers who have influenced me through their compelling works, encouraging and helping me to develop my own talent and voice. In particular I show praise to the great
Toni Morrison, in my eyes she was placed here to educate us all on how to put the pen to the

pad, amazing! Sula, The Bluest Eye--Love these works which have changed my life, thank you ma’am. Well, with all of that being said, I pray this is well received and I thank you all for your support. Above all, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the ability and enthusiasm to write with passion and responsibility always. Cam Rascoe
Favorite quotes
"If you believe and I believe... we can make the world believe!" "I believe in HIM therfore I believe in me."
Cameron (Cam) Rascoe
Writer, lover of literature, intent on serving humanity by sharing wisdom and lessons learned, through literature of his own. Writer born August 3rd 1973 Philadelphia, PA. A resident of Orlando, Florida for over two decades. Father of six, lover of sports, literature and cinema. Motivational Speaker. Studies at Virginia's College at Wise. Married to Katherine Rascoe. Lives in Ocoee, Florida

Cam, it's been wonderful having you here at Book Readers Heaven...and I look forward to having you back! By the way, the female soloist, is me singing...LOL--well, she sounds like me, if I were singing in this choir...

God Bless Your Words, Cam



  1. Thank you, Rascoe. I really identify with what you say on writing. That is not to say it is not a discipline. When I was your age I ran in long distance races (never a marathon) The races were always a kick, and I got a high from the daily discipline. And even though I love writing, I still have to discipline myself to do it every day.

  2. It really has to be a labor of love. To be dedicated enough to continually work hard at something, you have to truly love it. The perseverance to remain diligent starts in the heart.

  3. It does indeed start in the love of reading has led me to so many activities throughout the last 15+ years here at Book Readers Heaven...including meeting wonderful writers like Cam as well as reading a wide range of books that I might never have even known about if I didn't also review books...But I wonder...why do you have to write everyday? I discovered around 2019 that I needed to do more to keep my body properly functioning--even had to go into PT to relearn how to walk! Now I balance what I'm doing...sometimes, I just ignore books (or just read for the love of a book as opposed to blogging about it... That reading has kept me going while I did more than "working..." When you find you have to discipline yourself to do what you love, that now tells me that I need a break and to spend time away until I no longer think of it as work... It's a balance--a necessary balance that some of us may need for both mental and physical health...especially as we grow older... Best wishes for loving your work without discipline! Enjoy!