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Review: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

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Quest for the
Nail Prints

By Don Furr

One of the favorite hymns, especially for the Easter Season, is Were You There?" Well, this weekend, I certainly was! Don Furr's book, Quest for the Nail Prints, took 13 years to complete, but there was no way that, once started, I did not quickly turn every least once I traveled back in time to Jerusalem to personally meet Jesus...

Dr, Elizabeth Stewart worked mostly with emergency trauma. As the book opens, she is being called to yet another accident to, hopefully save a young boy critically hurt by a DUI. When he doesn't make it, she is affected more than usual. Her boss decides to "help" by at least changing her scenery as he assigns her to travel to Israel to jump start a new trauma unit at Rashaman Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Leonardo Van Eaton, Professor of Religious Studies, was scheduled to speak at the International Council of Religious Educators in New Delhi; however, when he arrived in Jerusalem, problems with his plane kept him there.

Reverend Paul Ryann had been gifted with a dream come true. He was going to the Holy Land as a gift from his parents. His wife had another commitment and so he would be traveling alone. His stepfather was seriously ill and he considered not going, until he received a mysterious message that he knew he must follow--he would go on his trip.

Each of the individuals met as passengers on the flight. In fact, they sat beside each other and as strangers began to share about why they were taking the trip. Paul and Elizabeth found common ground in their church activities, Paul as a pastor; Elizabeth teaching children in Sunday school. It wasn't very long before Professor Van Eaton had shared his position and had created tension as he explained that his knowledge of religions was purely academic and that he purposely remained objective so that he could better teach.

By the time they had landed, the Professor was quite happy to have them finish their journey, only to be somewhat relieved when they found each other again when his plane was delayed.

Quest for the Nail Prints
Later as they were sightseeing, they heard a scream. Paul running ahead soon found that two soldiers were getting ready to assault a young woman. As Paul called to them, he also was taping them, which caused the men to quickly knock the woman out and race after the three. There was no option but to run and hide from the two guards who were armed and clearly willing to eliminate their witnesses!

And it was as they hid in an old building, they were caught as the floor fell from under them and they were soon in danger as water began to rise in the space where they were. It was Paul who came up with the idea of using the old 8-inch nails to climb up and out.

But when they left the old building, the city from which they had escaped was not the same...they were back in time and the time of Passover was underway...

Consider if you would the Biblical accounts of what took place during Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, and finally the trip to Calvary. Now think about what you would do if you were right there, in the middle of it all! Meeting Jesus. Having him accept that you were there. Introduce you to his disciples and invite you to...follow Him...

What would you do if you were the only ones in the world at that time that knew in advance that Christ was going to be crucified. Quest for the Nail Prints will place each of you who will read this book exactly in the middle of it all. You may have seen movies or read other books and felt you were there. But Don Furr has placed new characters into those ancient beloved stories.  What would YOU do if you Were There? Surely you have no choice but to join Paul, Elizabeth, and the Professor as each of them finds out what their role was. Chilling in its realism; commanding in its story; secure in it's being the greatest love story in which we may all play a part!

You got it - a Must Read Recommendation for this one! 

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Sheaf House Publishers


Quest for the Nail Prints

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  1. Well hello Glenda,
    Thank you for the shining review, you were very kind. This is my favorite time of the year! Palm Sunday is next Sunday and the journey begins all over for me again...I love it. I will be re-reading my journey and reliving it all over again.
    Again thank you for your kind words.
    BTW, if you haven't, I would love for you to put your comments on Amazon, or maybe a portion at least.
    Happy Easter!

    Thank you,
    Don Furr, Jr.
    President & CEO

  2. Glenda, thank you for leaving your comment and link on my "What about Saturday" blog post because this book looks amazing. I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks again!