Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Connecting the Talents of Two of My Favorite Friends!

Spring May be Here, But Winter Held on This Year - 
Photographer Adolfo Caso Shares!


A black button there, a white one on my blue shirt here,
I counted five to go on your pink flowered blouse.
My fingers were too nervous 
while they caressed your beautiful tanned face.
From your chin they travel up behind your ears,
my heart kept counting
Five buttons to go.

You said you had never rode a cable tram before 
when the door swung closed.
You pulled so hard on my button 
it popped to the tram floor.
Who was more filled with success, I wondered. 
Would there be anyone to 
meet us on the valley floor?
As now we were passing over the side on the mountain 
and the upstreaming air makes the small tram car rock 
in the breeze as downward we went.
The perfect get-away, 
slowly my fingers unlocked the fifth button,
my vacation with you.
You leaned into me with red lips and bit off my button, 
four buttons to go.

The fog cloaked our slow descent, 
as we plummet, 
no one would see.

Thomas Kemp, Your Poet Is

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