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Guardians of Immortal Night - Pre-Publication Review of Next Book in Series!

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Guardians of Immortal Night

By Ruby Moon-Houldson

Anybody who's been following The Guardian series by Ruby Moon-Houldson will find this book uniquely "Jadyn." If you haven't read any of this great series, I recommend you don't start with this one. It is a major turning point and includes MUCH, including the final battle for the middle realm!

For lovers of her series, it is, of course, a must-read.

Jadyn is the female heroine of the series...but she is so much more--more than any of us would have dreamed of. We have watched her through various roles she has played. We have watched her fall in love and marry, after leaving the upper realm. We have watched her fight battles in the middle realm and lead her forces as a leader like no other...

Christopher is her husband and at this time in the series calls himself a gatekeeper, keeping track of the activities of both good and bad beings as they seek control of the middle realm.

But the Jadyn we find as Guardians of Immortal Night opens is more "human" than we've seen her. She is suffering and many of us will realize she is in a serious depression. In the last book, Jadyn was forced into a situation which was so outside of her persona that she is unable to forgive herself! She and Christopher had come together again, but she is still so full of doubt--much like we humans, right?

And when sometimes Christopher comes to her and seeks her company, asking "Will you accept me?" she finds herself unwilling. Fortunately the latter caused her so much internal conflict that she ultimately realized what was going on and just how evil her enemies could be... Will she ever be fully able to once again be secure in the love of her husband?

At the same time, the nights are coming earlier and some are now questioning whether it is Jadyn herself who is creating the darkness. So, in her usual fashion, Jadyn begins to investigate and evaluate...besides, Rayna, one of her children, has given her another warning, again provided through a riddle: Change is numerous One is already. One has always been. And one is yet to come. Jadyn hated riddles! And, soon she learned that one of her own children will be changed much like her first born, increasing the pain and depression she is fighting.

It is interesting to learn that a major effect of information technology is the amount of power that is and can be obtained by those who use it in support of evil. Things like store reward or discount cards are sold for personal identity info. Tracking devices can be used anywhere and even money can include small strips which, when scanned, can tell how much money individuals are carrying. And with the type of evil transactions changing, we also see family member roles changing and expanding.

Jadyn has much to work through in her personal time of depression, sometimes even lashing out at Christopher and The Great One from her own pain that she must fight through. And you'll understand why and grow closer to understanding Jadyn than ever before! In fact, readers learn much about love from this being who personifies love itself...

This novel also brings several new love relationships, one of which brings back memories of how she and Christopher first met, and caused death to follow...

Still other individuals are promoted to take over much of the responsibilities previously handled by Jadyn and Christopher And they, in turn, have a future created by memories restored!

Guardians of Immortal Peace is coming next. With everything that happened in Guardians of Immortal Night, it is beyond my imagination to consider what will happen next and I'll admit I'll  love being the first reader able to share a preview of that one sometime soon. Ruby Moon-Houldson has gone beyond our universe to present readers with out-of-the-world experiences that, like another series, takes us where no man has ever gone before. But in placing love as the driving force, she keeps providing a guarantee that good will always win out over evil!

Or will it? One will soon confront Jadyn to challenge that belief!

A truly remarkable series!

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