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Review: Burning Rose by Shirley Kennett

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The climax takes readers onsite in South America!

Burning Rose

Shirley Kennett

Wow! Shirley Kennett's (Dakota Banks) Burning Rose, an exciting suspense thriller, presented two  more kickass women, one you just love to hate! Burning Rose has acted on her own for many years, but has recently been selected to become a member of a group known as The Six. In philosophy, it appears that this group works to ensure that consideration of the planet if more important than profit by large corporations, although each of the individuals had personal concerns, such as saving large jungle animals in danger of extinction.

Burning Rose (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)Burning Rose, no matter what she might say, was interested in only one thing--killing her father over and over. Her latest had been a government official who she had seduced and then killed...with a rose...

Her first assignment for The Six was to take out the head of a CEO, Robert Gunner. At the same time, Casey Washington, a freelance journalist, has gained, through a little subterfuge, an interview with him regarding his plans to build a controversial project in the Amazon rainforest.

The problem for Casey was that everything that she had read and researched showed that Gunner was a bottom-line type of exec and cared little about the environment. Casey had agreed to do the interview for those that supported his planned project; however, when she actually got to the interview, she was conflicted with her own feelings--and it didn't help that she was attracted to him!

But her ideals won out--and she lost the interview! So she tried to salvage the job for which she had already received a $10,000 advancement, but planning a different approach. Needless to say, it was not well received by her employer and was forced to return the money. Not willing to give up, however, she digs into a stash of her own and travels to South America as well.

Readers enjoy meeting each of The Six members and also watch as Robert Gunner plays many high-finance moves to bring about a plan to merge several large corporations under his bailiwick.

Burning Rose has done what she excels at doing; she has seduced Robert Gunner and is now living with him, as they plan to marry. Interestingly, Gunner has been doing some major changes in his business, keeping most of it secret, but some information has leaked out...and has reached The Six who feel that they must now postpone their assignment, pending what happens regarding the rain-forest project.

But Burning Rose doesn't agree...

Enter Casey Washington...

By now readers of Shirley Kennett/Dakota Banks know that they can plan on meeting strong, intelligent women as lead characters--a main reason for her having moved onto my favorite author list! Check out my review on Time of Death soon! Her novels are tightly woven, intricately complex and fascinating to follow the various plots that she has successfully created. The finish of this book is dramatic and wonderfully satisfying. This is an older novel, but is still available. If you enjoy thrillers, Burning Rose as the back cover says, showcases "Shirley Kennett at the top of her game." Unforgettable!

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