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Review: Friends 2 Lovers Responds to Lovers of Romance...

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Friends 2 Lovers
How could that ever be?
When that one you love
Is afraid of what may come...
Friends 2 Lovers

By Jonathan Anthony Burkett

With lots of beautiful poetry liberally spread throughout his book, Jonathan Anthony Burkett's debut novel is the answer to those who love to read romance, especially as young adults.

Claude is the romantic young man who is in love with Kelly. They met early in life and became each other's best friend. Interestingly it is their "best friend" status that makes both afraid of their relationship moving into something more; neither wanted to lose their best friend!

But when Claude lost most of his family through a series of events, Kelly was there for him, helping in every way she could. Claude lost his father and brother in a shooting and Kelly was hoping to keep Claude from seeking revenge and prevent further violence.

Friends 2 LoversClaude had fallen in love, but knew that it was important not to push Kelly too far, still he presented her with a promise ring as she graduated from high school. At that time she was dating Donald a football star and was planning on attending the same college he would be going to. That happened to be where Claude was attending, so each was looking forward to seeing their best friend more.

But little by little real feelings for each other overrode feelings they had for others. And that was not easy because Donald was still wooing Kelly and Claude had met and was becoming close to Brittany.

Tension develops then and then even more later when Donald and Brittany decide to share a relationship...

Burkett takes readers directly into the midst of a young adult relationship. He explores sex, religious beliefs, friends versus lovers through Claude and Kelly, providing readers with intimate conversations as the couple grow closer, learn more about each other, and then as they decide to live together.

Claude and Kelly are enjoyable characters. They tease each other and talk about anything and everything--showing that having been friends first led to a closer relationship romantically? It certainly seems to be the case for these two!

I especially enjoyed the poetry and shared just a few lives above, but the author is obviously a gifted poet who is probably right now sharing another poem with the one he loves! You can just tell that this young man has a love for life that he is or will one day share with his chosen mate. By the time the book is ending, it seems like everybody is hooking up with somebody--including Kelly's Mom! 

Looking for a lover, then check out the activities of those who become friends first!

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