Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kimberly Raiser Provides A Delightful Snack of Horror...

a Pound of Flesh

A Pound of Flesh
An e-chap

By Kimberly Raiser

Kimberly Raiser has a talent for quickly pulling readers into a scene of horror that instantly merges you and the main character in mutual despair. In this case you never even know her name. But you do know her terror...

A young woman has been abducted and taken to an old building where she is sprayed down with water, stripped and left to dry, while lying on a table. While she begs for release, her captor never says a word. When she awakes, she sees a man with a needle and he plunges it in deeply, noting that these bargains are not taken lightly.

Ever willing to bargain with the devil? This fast-paced short story will surely drive that idea completely out of your mind!

Great tension and suspense-building... Horror lovers will thoroughly enjoy this snack!

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