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Review: Main Theme Disappointing; Author's Writing and Small-Town Life Great!

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Kristen Heitzmann

There is much to enjoy reading Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann. Fortunately the overall story is a gem that provides readers with a satisfying, wonderful read. The suspense offered, not so much. The book opens with the finding of two raccoons that have torn each other apart in a frenzy. Upon further examination, however, it is discovered that the coons have been purposely sewn together, while drugged, so that when they awaken, they literally tore each other to death, trying to gain freedom.

Indivisible: A NovelSimilar animal finds keeps the case open; however it is not hard to figure out what is happening and why, even if final details are somewhat different. This theme was sadly inappropriate within the framework of Christian fiction,  in my opinion, certainly providing no salvation in its ending.

This is a small part of the book, however, and I thoroughly enjoyed the primary characters and their relationships.

Jonah Westfall is the town sheriff, having taken over the reins that were formerly held by his father, who we find was not a good nor honorable man. Jonah is left with the scars of life with him as well as his death and his mother's rejection and blame of Jonah for her husband's suicide.

He has been in love with Tia since they were kids; however, along the way because of his own issues, he hurt Tia and her family terribly. Tia is the only one still living in town, running a small candle shop owned by her mother, even though she has obtained a degree and does some basic counseling on Hopeline which is run through her church. It is fun to watch the Jonah-Tia relationship develop once again...

Tia has recently opened her home to Piper who came to town alone, leaving her family who were professional thieves. Piper and Tia slowly build a warm sister-like relationship while they are both living together, and, later working side by side. Piper talked an elderly man, Sarge, into her helping in his bakery. Sarge is gruff and set in his ways, but Piper is soon joking and sharing so that they are becoming closer. That is, until he collapses on the floor at work and Piper calls for help and is then blamed by Sarge for having him hospitalized.

In addition to the animal abuse case, the police chief is also aware that drugs have come into their small town and, more importantly, into the his office when one of his officers has her child removed from their home and her husband is tested and found to be using. But Jonah, in having to try to learn where the drugs were coming from, creates a new tense work situation that later leads to death...

One individual who becomes a suspect, simply because of his OCD, is right in the center of many situations and brings a wealth of compassionate feelings from many individuals, and even a little more from Piper.

Small town life is what pulls readers into the book... We see and know everything and we get to know the individuals living, and hurting, and those who are willing to reach out to help, and hold to, others. Certainly romance lovers will find much to enjoy.

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