Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Corruptible:

A Ray Quinn Mystery

By Mark Mynheir

Ray Quinn, the main character, in this new series by Mark Mynheir has the appeal that will keep me reading as well as go back to pick up the first book, The Night Watchman. Quinn is an ex-cop, hurt on the job, now working as a PI. He walks with a cane and is in almost constant pain.His cane, interestingly, is also used as a weapon when necessary.

A young man, Crevis, works as an assistant and body guard to some extent and readers see him stop, go back, and pick up Quinn from the ground where he can't get up quickly, and move on while being chased or bullets are flying. Crevis, also, is a wonderful character in that he has had little formal education. He wants to become a cop, but is first studying with a tutor so that he can take the test. Pam, who became a friend during an earlier case, is his tutor and also helps on cases. Pam also plays the role as spiritual supporter...A great little team that readers quickly begin to care about.

The Corruptible: A Ray Quinn MysteryI must highlight one segment, just for fun. We all get "those" emails that explain that there is someone who needs to have your assistance in moving millions of dollars, etc., etc., but for Ray Quinn, he chooses to act on them, responding to the scam attempt. So throughout this novel, we see the email exchange between the individual and a woman (Quinn)  who acts like she is going to fall for their trap...Cool little side story...

The major case that requires Ray's attention, however, is much more serious and brings him into involvement with many former officers with whom he once worked. In fact, when Ray was forced to resign, he was given continued access and recognition for his former position. And that access was definitely needed this time...

Because a former cop, Logan Ramsey, had stolen confidential client information from a company and Ray had been asked to track him down and return what had been stolen, which included both hardware and software.

Trouble was, Ray had no idea exactly what it was that he would be looking for, except it apparently was very important and could create major problems for the company. But the pay was great and Ray needed cash to keep his agency going. Quickly contacting the police to let them know he was searching for Logan...he was saved a lot of time, because the police found him first.

Of course, he was dead...


By a woman with a knife who stabbed him... or

By a poisoned pizza...

Of course, the whodunit search activity commences and there is no other way to describe it but--fun! No matter how many suspects are located by the police, along with Ray's involvement, solving the murder of Logan does not help find the stolen property of Ray's client. And that client does not really care who killed Logan--he wants only the return of his information.

Finally, Quinn begins to wonder exactly what that information is that was stolen...and realizes that finding the murderer does not provide what he needs to solve his case!

Highly recommended for whodunit fans. There is enough variety to keep us guessing and allowing us to put our own reasoning to work. Yeah, I figured both cases out, but, then, I'm getting pretty good at following the clues. How about you? Let me know!

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