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Latest Triple Threat Novel Great Thriller!

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Heart of Ice:

A Triple Threat Novel

By Lis Wiehl 
  With April Henry

The latest novel in the Triple Threat series brings readers a female sociopath who moves into the lives of our three female heroines in costly and deadly ways. Wiehl is able to effectively weave her characters so that their life issues complement the cases in which they are all involved. We "know" it's fiction, but still we are captured and held tightly until all is once again safe and well in their world. 

Elizabeth Avery has the heart of ice... She's cold, calculated, self-centered, controlling and clearly only concerned with her own self-interests. But Elizabeth is also able to present an outward caring persona that fulfills the needs of individuals she meets. Being beautiful does help, but her ability to study and perceive what is most important to the other person and then use it, is her most deadly tool... 

Heart of Ice (A Triple Threat Novel)
For instance, her latest plan is ridding the life of her rich boyfriend of his present family. She tried arson first, using one of her former friends from their "serving time" as juveniles. But that just resulted in the family having to move back into their previous home, even though they were divorced. That had to change quickly! 

Cassidy Shaw is the first Triple Threat trio to meet Elizabeth and she is sucked in immediately. Elizabeth is now working at a spa, leading a "boot camp" at 6 AM. Soon Cassidy talks Allison and Nicole into trying it. Not even later, when Elizabeth cons Cassidy into footing the bill for more than a thousand dollars in clothes, does she really suspect her actions. 

Nicole is struggling with a personal crisis and is soon caught into having Elizabeth provide swimming lessons to her daughter while she tries to maintain her secret and deal with everything. 

While the body count starts rising, each of the murders seem to be disconnected until Elizabeth's childhood friend becomes strong enough not to become the murderer that Elizabeth wants him to be. Then the action speeds up into a climatic heart-thumping ending. 

This thriller is all about watching the action! No need for suspenseful buildup...Watching this Heart of Ice work to manipulate everybody and then take things into her own hands keeps readers watching every move she makes. 

Those of us who've been following the Triple Threat learn more about the family life and loves of each. I find most intriguing how the faith of Allison is brought into the stories, but this time, a miraculous scene occurs with Nicole who has gone to the hospital alone to have surgery, not willing to share the experience with anybody--yet finding even then she is not alone...A major, but brief scene that shows God is with us all the time, even when we have pushed everybody away. Adjunct examples of faith that are quietly inserted into a thriller... I love this type of book! 

This novel also includes a reading group guide (which can easily be used by individuals) with some "heavy" questions to ponder as Christians live in today's world. Highly recommended for those who look to books for the thrills of their lives! 

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