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Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Anastasia Merevija

Unbound Boxes   
  Limping Gods:

Anastasia Merevija

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 4018, Poland

Right Now! Cheryl is on vacation in Ireland! Wow!

Anastasia was stolen from her family when she was five, and forced to live as a concubine. From the age of fourteen she has produced children for the Amanojuko Lord, Ichitumbu. The Amanojuko are a race of immortals who have the ability to regenerate. They are no longer human, but Anastasia’s mother,Alexand Merek’s blood, is poison to them and can turn them into ‘What isn’t’. Amanojuko scientists are using Anastasia to attempt to find a cure for the poison in Alexand Merek’s bloodline. Anastasia has no concept of death and therefore no concept of murder. “What wasn’t” is an Amanojuko term for human and “What could be” refers to the potential for Anastasia producing an Amanojuko child. So far she has failed and her husband isn’t pleased.

Ichitumbu is an immortal, from a race of people called The Amanojuko. Chop his arm off, it’ll grow back. He is the husband of Anastasia Merevija, the abducted daughter of Alexand Merek. He spends his life moving from one country to the next, attempting to prevent Alexand and her sister Heyem, stealing Anastasia back from him.

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My Thoughts:

This time I've read beyond the time frame I've been following--I had to read about this man Ichitumbu who abducted his wife, Anastasia, but finds it frustrating that her mother and aunt follow/track them, wanting to free her. He is immortal, but seems afraid of them, else why should he run.

Anastasia exhibits the trait of believing what she has been told by her abductor--she believes Alexand  did not want her. I wonder whether he links their constant relocations or knows that they are constantly pursued, her mother hoping to free her.

I am intrigued by the "blood" of Alexand being poison to the immortals... I would think that both Ancilla and Anastasia carry the same blood even though Ichitumbu threatens his wife's trade for her sister. It is hard to understand her seeming(?) acceptance of her husband's constant murder of her children when they are born human

Bringing in immortality for characters is new...are they the more traditional gods like Zeus, etc., or are they more vampirish... At first I didn't understand the "paintings" that were not yet accepted...then I got it. Can you imagine repainting parts of the world? 

Questions for Cheryl:

These two stories bring in immortals...can you share a little more about this world without giving anything away from your novels? Also, the poison of this bloodline to the group...Again, not asking for you to go beyond what you can share at this time.

I must comment on your creativity and imagination...I know that anybody can "conceive" of ideas...but how do you go about taking a concept from the idea into full bloom...and then use it, as you do so well, to take that to then branch off into more and more unique and new concepts. I'm still not clear how you chose to go so far into the future and decide to "drop" your stories into different countries and times. In your novels, do you have a more traditional beginning and ending, free-standing...or will they be truly a series that will stop and force readers to wait until the next book is out to know what happens?

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