Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Alexand Merek

Unbound Boxes

  Limping Gods:

Alexand Merek

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 3997, India

Best to click over to Cheryl's blog for easy reading of connected material...but come back for discussion!

My Thoughts:

It seems I've seen and held that key
at some time, now memory is gone, why
is it here...And who is that woman
holding it out, taunting me???
She looks like someone I once saw
reflected in a mirror...
Via the timeline, I have actually arrived at Issue #1 of Cheryl's Blog. This time I went over and read the comments she received from this first entry...all are so positive! Myself--I think she was right to start with this one. It is the most powerful of those I've read. Indeed, it is amazing in its depth of emotion and we are all caught in the surreal world in which Alexand lives, even though she, right now, does not even live...anywhere. I find I have had glimpses of that world of pulls you in, not wanting you to see the signs of reality around you--those boots, the piano key--they are meaningless, as, really, is her husband...

Feedback is specifically given re the microstories... I find I think of them as what we would normally call scenes in a novel. To me, they are ultimately unsatisfying. They initiate thirst without a drink, or even hope of a drink... they tease and taunt, telling me that I will not be satisfied, ever, with closure... 

On the other hand, with such temptation comes the desire, the need to read the entire story...I want to know what happened between the time the magician came into her cell and she asked him to magically transport them out of there! But we know that the magician was not a real magician--he could not even get himself out, though he had stolen the key to attempt it... Then going back further, I want to know how and why she was placed in the al. I do hope the publisher now considering Chery's novel is taking the extra time to follow her blog, to see the interest, the following that is developing for this new author...


Questions for Cheryl: How did all this start? What is your writing background, when did you start writing? Who are your role models/which books brought you to experiment with this speculative world of yours? Is it totally separated from your real life? How do you move from life into this world of Alexand?

If you were to write the back cover blurb for your novel, what would it say?

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